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Team Stylist get some serious sport motivation


Morale is flagging among our Olympic bloggers so it’s time to call in motivational expert Dax Moy for a pep talk…

Three months into Team Stylist’s Olympic challenge and things aren’t going too well, with only three of us still training. So, we’ve asked motivational expert and personal trainer Dax Moy to give us some stern advice on how to stick to our goals:

“There are many reasons why the team aren’t on track. It’s not failure yet, they just need to rethink the goal or re-write the rules of the game to suit them. Finding the perfect ‘work-life balance’ should be about integration. Making exercise a part of who you are as a person, instead of an add on. Here are a few tips on how the team can achieve sporting success…

  • Be clear about what you want; vague goals equal vague results.
  • Think about the price you’ll have to pay to succeed. Not just money, but time and effort too. u If you can’t commit to what it takes to make it happen, don’t set yourself that challenge.
  • If you’re losing momentum, remind yourself why you want it. Ask why every day. A big enough ‘why’ can overcome any ‘how’.”

Lisa Smosarski, Editor

Challenge: Run 10K non-stop

Update: “I was running a few times a week, but my gammy hip has scuppered that!”

Dax says: “Prioritise your hip. It’s not a failure if you choose to quit. Sometimes you just have to get better.”

Tom Gormer, Photo Director

Challenge: Swim three miles

Update: “I’ve been once. The early mornings put me off.”

Dax says: “If you’re not a morning person, move your training to the evening. You’re much more likely to stick to it.”

Lauren Smith, Online Editorial Assistant

Challenge: Complete a triathalon

Update: “I run four times a week and do a core session with a personal trainer.”

Dax says: “Brilliant! But so much running risks injury; swap two sessions for swimming and biking.”

Anna Brech, Online Writer

Challenge: Red belt in kickboxing

Update: “I’ve been going a few times a week and love the actual kickboxing rather than the squats and burpees.”

Dax says: “Cut out what puts you off and just go to kickboxing sessions.”

Alix Walker, Associate Editor

Challenge: Cycle from London to Paris

Update: “Going on a Boris bike scared me, so I’ve not been on a real bike ride yet!”

Dax says: “It’s off-putting because it’s too big a goal. Try a sport like taekwondo to stay focused.”

Joanna McGarry, Beauty Director

Challenge: A boxing match

Update: “I’ve had a couple of sessions with a trainer but finding time is a major issue.”

Dax says: “Fit in shorter sessions. Make a skeleton plan to exercise every day. Prioritise it.”

Colette Lyons, Features Editor

Challenge: Master basic ballet barre

Update: “I don’t enjoy it so I’ve only been once.”

Dax says: “It’s simple: if you don’t enjoy it, change it. Decide how much time you can really give before picking another challenge!”

Susan Riley, Deputy Editor

Challenge: Master a side plank

Update: “I’m mixing yoga with Pilates and power plate twice a week.”

Dax says: “You may be doing the wrong things! Focus on your core for the plank. It will help you build stability and strength.”



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