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J.K. Rowling expertly defends Serena Williams after she is bodyshamed on Twitter

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J.K. Rowling can do no wrong. Not only did she create Harry Potter (completely changing our lives forever), donate millions of pounds to charity and champion countless great causes, she is also the world's best tweeter, constantly coming up with ingenious put-downs to silence those myriad Twitter trolls. 

This weekend, most of us were loudly celebrating Serena Williams's sixth Wimbledon victory - including J.K. herself, who tweeted in advance of the win:

So far so good. But then, a troll struck, writing to J.K.: "ironic then that the main reason for her success is that she is built like a man". 

But the Harry Potter author wasn't going to take any of that sexist, body-shaming nonsense. She immediately struck back as only J.K. could, writing: 


Since then, the Twitter user has valuably spent his time retweeting horrible posts on the social media platform and generally acting as pleasantly as you'd expect a Class A troll to behave. But we'd rather focus on Serena's incredible victory - and so would she, as this is all she had to say about her detractor:

Back in May, the author proved her talent yet again by putting down controversial Westboro Baptist Church - an unaffiliated Baptish church in America known for their hate-speech against homosexuals - after they maliciously responded to her tweet about a dream gay wedding: the union of Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Lord of The Rings wizard Gandalf.

It all started when the Harry Potter author posted celebratory tweets about Ireland becoming the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage.

"Sitting here watching the Irish make history," she wrote. "Extraordinary and wonderful." 

When an Irish fan said to Rowling that she hoped her fictional characters would feel welcome in her country, particularly Professor Dumbledore, who Rowling confirmed was gay earlier this year, the writer posted a meme of Keanu Reeves captioned "What if Dumbledore and Gandalf were gay together" and added, "Then they could get married in Ireland!" 

However, the Westboro Baptist Church who are infamous for picketing at funerals of high-profile persons whose beliefs and sexual orientation they disagree with, were quick to target the author on Twitter.

The Kansas-based church who are also anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic and anti-Chinese, wrote:

Rowling, who is never one to ignore hate-speech, gave them two brilliant replies, which have both been retweeted thousands of times:

As well as speaking her mind and tirelessly responding to her critics, Rowling is also a real comic on Twitter. 

Just weeks before that, she proved her wittiness when she stumbled upon Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis' new cover for Attitude magazine. 

He's clearly no longer the geeky Neville Longbottom we remember from the films. He's now grown into a man with abs and chest hair.

Matthew Lewis Attitude cover

Rowling, who has known Lewis since he started working on the Harry Potter franchise at the age of 11, responded as any aunt or motherly figure would have done:

Lewis responded with a sheepish reply tweet: "Well, this is awkward. Sorry, Jo…" to which she expressed her unconditional support and ended her message with a few apt words: "Now go put some clothes on".

Jason Isaacs, the man who played Lucius Malfoy, also jumped in the joke labelling Lewis 'Neville Pertbottom'. Rowling, who was still a little shocked by it all, responded "I wouldn't know. I hastily averted my eyes and read an article on Political Correctness to get over the shock". Us too Jo.

A few months ago, Rowling reached out to a follower who said they were struggling to find meaning in their life. When Twitter user @Brocaesar wrote "This may get lost in the noise..but what would you (J.K.Rowling) say to someone who has failed to find meaning and wants to finally give up?"

The author responded with the following powerful tweets:

Touched by her messages, the fan replied with the tweet below:

This isn't the first time the writer has shared some powerful words on the social network. In March this year, she responded to a user who tweeted “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him in that way,” with the short, sharp and powerful reply: “Maybe because gay people just look like…people?”

She's also known to dole out the advice when necessary, which kind of feels like she's giving us a virtual hug.

She's also happy to pander to Harry Potter fans and respond to questions that couldn't be answered in the book, which means her twitter account is basically a direct hotline for Potterheads.

And she's very good at being funny (we especially love that Hufflepuff tweet).

Ultimately, JK impresses us with her charm, wit and wisdom, even when she's just writing 140 characters. The mark of a truly brilliant writer. 



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