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From Mark Ruffalo to Tommy Lee Jones to Ryan Gosling: meet the male feminists

Daniel O’Reilly, the comedian responsible for the sexist character of ‘Dapper Laughs’ has announced that he is a feminist.

Just last year, O’Reilly appeared on Newsnight with Emily Maitlis and said that he was killing-off the character after the second series of his ITV2 programme was pulled by the channel, following a barrage of complaints against the offensive nature of the show.

The ‘jokes’ that appeared on O’Reilly’s show included giving dating advice to men such as “just show her your penis, if she cries she’s playing hard to get” and, say to women: “get your gash out.”

Now, in an interview for On Demand News with feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, O’Reilly has said: “If you ask me if I consider myself a feminist I’d say yeah, equal rights for women.”

Admitting that he “didn’t realise how much women have to deal with sexual advances and sexual harassment on just an average day-to-day basis,” O’Reilly has said the new show has changed its tune.

The interview is part of his promotion for the new Dapper Laughs DVD, entitled Dapper Laughs Live: The Res-Erection – exposing that his decision to kill-off the alter ego was only short-lived.

Well, as much as we just love to hear of a new addition to the feminist cause, what we really love is a genuine desire for gender equality.

So, in light of Dapper Laugh’s announcement, we turn to the men who have long championed women’s rights. 

From Barack Obama to Ryan Gosling, we've selected the best feminist quotes from men to remind you that the cause is best fought by both sexes.

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