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There’s no such thing as a bad date


The absolute minefield of dating. Is it just us or has it become even more complicated than ever before? ‘What should I wear?’ ‘Where should we meet?’ ‘Should I even go?’ And then there’s no guarantee they’ll be more fun than a night in watching Love Island. We’re big believers that there’s no such thing as a bad date. Even if they turn up looking 15 years older than their Tinder profile and spend the whole evening talking about them, at least you have a good story for later.

The Stylist team knows a thing or two about dating. We asked them in partnership with Appletiser, the 100% fruit juice drink – anonymously, of course– for some of their best dating disaster tales. Get ready to cringe.


Keep your friends close…

“I went on a date with a guy I met on Happn who, despite initially seeming very keen, ended the date very abruptly when I accidentally spilt my drink and it splashed on his trousers. He made it very clear he didn't want to see me again. It turns out we have friends in common so we have to see each other occasionally. It's like The Ghost of Bad Dates Past.”


The one with the carnivore…

“When I was at uni, I went on a date with this guy. At dinner, I mentioned I was a vegetarian – it was like I told him I had some kind of contagious disease. He berated me and told me I had ‘lost points’ like our date was some kind of video game. It was one of those ‘I wish I’d said this…’ moments. He then ordered, you guessed it: STEAK TARTARE! Usually I don’t mind people eating meat in front of me, but this was just malice. There wasn’t a second date.”


A blast from the past… 

“I went to meet a friend who was on a first date at my local. It was a bit strange, as she’d invited a group of us along to the date. Anyway, as I approached I realised the guy she was on a date with was someone that I’d been out with a few weeks before, but it was too late for me to turn around. As soon as he clocked me, he went bright red. Suffice to say, I had one quick drink with them and left. Awkward wasn’t the half of it.”


The decision-maker… 

“I was once on a date with a guy and he ordered fish. It was a whole fish. He ate one side like a normal, decent human. After a few wines, he picked up the fish and just started gnawing at it. He proceeded to put it down, wipe his face and said, ‘So, wanna kiss or what?’ I chose ‘or what’.”


No such thing as a free dinner…

“In my twenties, I took this woman on a date to my favourite Italian restaurant, which is sadly no longer there. The food was amazing – very rustic and authentic. After we ordered, my date stood up and started to scream at me about how awful the restaurant was and how she deserved way better. And I mean, she really screamed. As she turned to leave, the other diners were shouting at her to get out as the owner marched her out the door. I still enjoyed my dinner, free of charge, as I sat and drank the evening away with the staff.”


You had one job…

“I went on a date with a guy I met at a friend's party. When we sat down for dinner, and the waiter came over, he said to me, ‘What you having, Sarah?’ My name isn't Sarah. Out of embarrassment, I didn't want to correct him in front of the poor waiter. I started being cold with the guy for calling me the wrong name. ‘So, what do you do, Sarah?’ Did he think that was my name or is he a forgetful player? On the train home after the date – which didn't, much to his disappointment, end with us going the same way – I got a text: ‘Sh*t, sorry… called you the wrong name a few times tonight – I thought you were this other girl I'm talking to. When are you free next?’ Yeah, about that, mate…”


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