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Twitter hashtag helps trans people find free legal advice ahead of Trump's inauguration

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Social media may have its downsides. OK, it definitely has its downsides. But as plentiful and destructive as those may be, there’s no denying it can often be a uniquely wide-reaching force for good – not only spreading awareness of issue, but translating words into valuable action too.

And so the latest hashtag to sweep Twitter could prove to be – a call connecting legal professionals offering free help to trans people in America concerned about the impact of their incoming president on their human rights.

The tag #TransLawHelp was conceived by Twitter user @dtwps to help those who might be struggling to change name and ID documents.

The hashtag is being used by lawyers to offer pro-bono help to trans people and by those who have experience of the various processes.

Many have emphasised that those looking for help should verify the identity and qualifications of those offering first, and @dtwps has now posted a website “currently being populated with vetted sources”.

President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in early next year, and many are obviously concerned about the anti-LGBTQ sentiments expressed by him and his soon-to-be vice president Mike Pence.

Among many worrying stances on LGBTQ rights, Trump has pledged to sign a law allowing some LGBTQ discrimination on religious grounds and touted the idea that the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage should be overturned, while Pence has previously advocated the diverting of public funding from groups providing HIV/AIDs care to outdated, so-called ‘conversion’ therapy.

The aforementioned website (along with helplines for trans people in America) can be found here. Follow the hashtag at twitter.com/hashtag/TransLawHelp.

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