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'Virgin kiss' is YouTube hit


Footage of a young couple sharing an awkward first kiss on their wedding day has taken YouTube by storm, with over 600,000 people tuning in to watch the cringeworthy moment.

The clip, from upcoming TV documentary Virgin Diaries, features a five-second sequence of the newlyweds clumsily embracing, with rather more teeth and sucking than tradition dictates.

At one point a man, thought to be the father of the bride, looks away laughing, as other wedding guests watch on bemused.

The film is made by US cable network TLC, the creators of Toddlers and Tiaras and Sarah Palin's Alaska.

It shines a spotlight on six adults who happen to be virgins whether "by choice or by chance," the channel said.

The tagline promises to "take you inside the lives of adult virgins who reveal the challenges, truths, and anticipations of losing their virginity."

YouTube users greeted the video with disbelief.

"i felt more awkward watching that than the family at the wedding," one person wrote, as another added, "I HOPE they will have better sex than the kiss is."

Virgin Diaries airs in the US and UK this Sunday. Watch the promo clip, below.



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