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Watch: Melania Trump refuses to hold her husband's hand on camera for a second time

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The world has long been obsessed with the idea that there’s something a little… well, a little off between Melania and President Donald Trump. There was the time that Melania snubbed her husband’s directions at a pre-inauguration event, the video that sparked a thousand #FreeMelania memes, and that social media slip-up when the FLOTUS liked a tweet which implied that she absolutely hated her husband.

Then, of course, there was that infamous moment when the President refused to hold hands with his wife. A moment we imagine he has come to regret as, since then, Melania has made a point of shaking off his own lurid orange fingers whenever they make a grab for her own.

And, yes, the rejections have been caught on camera.

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The first one occurred when the Trumps arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday 22 May.

As they walked the red carpet, which had been laid across the airport tarmac in honour of their arrival, Trump appeared to reach out and grab at Melania’s hand.

With a deft flick of the wrist, the former beauty queen slaps his hand away.

Check it out:

For those thinking that maybe it was just an accident, think again: the exact same thing happened on Tuesday 23 May, when the Trumps landed in Rome.

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As the President waved to the crowd, he again reached out for his wife’s left hand.

Cue her immediately pulling away and pointedly running her hand through her hair:

Unsurprisingly, the incidents have sparked a huge response on social media.

Some used this as yet another excuse to speculate on the state of the couple’s marriage:

Others praised Melania for her saltiness:

Of course, there were memes and GIFs galore:

And some wild theories as to why Trump has suddenly decided that he is a hand holder after all:

Our favourite response, however, was this:

Of course, there is one woman whom Trump has successfully managed to hold hands with, and that’s our own Prime Minister, Theresa May.

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The pair were famously filmed walking hand-in-hand down a ramp at the White House in January, lending a whole new meaning to that “special relationship” between the UK and USA.

When asked to explain the incident, May laughingly insisted that there was an incredibly innocent explanation for the whole thing.

“I think he was actually being a gentleman,” she said, causing a spate of eye rolls across the world.

“We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward.”

Well, he certainly wasn’t wrong about that, was he?

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