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Billion dollar advice from Arianna Huffington


The woman behind news and blogging site The Huffington Post, which sees four million people logging on every month in the UK alone, shares her life lessons...

Forget what you think you know about success, because Arianna Huffington, ranked 56th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, is rewriting the rulebook. The Greek-born Cambridge graduate, who became a bestselling author at 23 and made £195million when she sold The Huffington Post to AOL in 2011 (while remaining president), believes power and money do not equate to happiness. “In 2007 I fainted from exhaustion and broke my cheekbone so I started re-evaluating my priorities,” Huffington tells Stylist, reminding us that women in stressful jobs have a 40% greater risk of heart disease and 60% of diabetes. “In hindsight I could have led my life less stressed and achieved a lot with more grace,” she admits. “Just read Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography – Steve’s ideas for iconic Apple products came up in meditation!” It’s not the only lesson learnt either...

Don’t have a ‘thick skin’

“Have a permeable skin so you can get hurt but, like a child, it’s soon over – you move on with a smile and appreciate the good. I don’t have regrets either. Some things have been very hurtful – like when Bernard Levin [the political columnist] didn’t want to marry me and have children – but have opened doors for amazing things.”

Invest in an alarm clock

“Getting seven hours’ sleep is a big priority. I have a device-free bedroom so if I wake in the night I’m not tempted to check anything. People say they need phones for their alarms – rubbish! I bought my friends great alarm clocks from Pottery Barn.”

Listen to mum

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly’. This is a saying from my mother and reminds me not to worry about things that go wrong. Failure is a part of life – my second book was rejected by 36 publishers! My mother also believed ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’ and I try to instil that in my daughters.”

Be mindful

The Huffington Post app, GPS For The Soul, measures your heart rate and you add things you love that will help you get back to feeling good – mine are pictures of my girls and music like Bach. Oxford professor Mark Williams wrote a beautiful book Mindfulness and I have bought copies for everyone at The Huffington Post as a reminder to live in the moment and never ignore things like the beautiful flowers on your way to work.”

For more information on Arianna’s campaign, The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money And Power visit huffingtonpost. com/news/third-metric



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