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  • Facebook thumbs up for crying at work
  • Facebook thumbs up for crying at work

Facebook thumbs up for crying at work

Facebook COO says: "I've cried at work"

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg says that it’s ok for women to cry at work.

Speaking to Harvard Business School graduates about how she's achieved success in tech hub Silicon Valley, Sandberg told the students: “I’ve cried at work. I’ve told people I’ve cried at work… I try to be myself.”

“[I am] honest about my strengths and weaknesses and I encourage others to do the same,” she continued. “It is all professional and it is all personal, all at the same time.”

Sandberg’s advice runs contrary to the thoughts of fellow entrepreneur and businesswoman Martha Stewart, who reprimanded a female candidate on the American version of The Apprentice for getting emotional: “Cry and you’re out of here,” Stewart told her. “Women in business don’t cry my dear.”

Sorry Martha, it turns out they do – and it doesn’t stop us from being successful.

As well as admitting to tears in the office, the innovative Facebook chief (who recently gained attention for saying that, despite her high-profile position, she regularly leaves work at 5.30pm) is also an advocate of flexible working, and told the eager graduates that she wanted to see more men help women climb the career ladder:

"There aren’t enough senior women out there... so it falls upon the men who are graduating today just as much, or more than the women, not just to talk about gender but to help these women succeed," Sandberg added. Here, here.

What do you think? Do you agreee with Sheryl that it's ok to cry at work, or is the office no place for emotions? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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