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Praise Your Achievements

Sophie Cornish on a positive annual review

At this time of year a big highlight for me is delivering our annual review in the office party speech. It’s a spirited, upbeat look back at our business achievements during the year.

Whether you’re employed by a big firm, work for yourself, or run a company, I’d encourage you to give yourself an annual assessment, if possible, with plenty of positives. Our company culture is a good-natured competitive one, so for us, the occasion sees a collective fever pitch of excitement at achieving our goals, but even if you don’t run a company, there is much to be gained in quietly patting yourself on the back on what you have done well.

Start with income earned and sales targets met. Count your successes and benchmark them against last year

Second, look back over the tasks you set yourself 12 months earlier and put a satisfying tick against those you have achieved, as well as noting the unexpected challenges along the way.

Finally, focus on any positive feedback you’ve received over the year, be that praise from your boss, a satisfied client, positive customer comments, press mentions and even awards you’ve received. With this encouraging annual review in front of you, make a list about what you hope to achieve next year.

It’s been quite a year for this country, so make this the month to remind yourself of what you have done well – and how next year could be even better. Happy Christmas.

Sophie is MD & co-founder of Email sophie.cornish@stylist. or tweet @SophieVCornish

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