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Career clinic

Stylist’s Career Clinic

Expert advice for the work life you want in 2011

The New Year is a time when everybody starts thinking about the future and what they want out of life. For many this means a change or shift in career. But where do you start?

In a bid to help, over the next seven days we'll be sharing expert advice from career coaches and specialists on everything from what you should and shouldn’t be including on your CV, to how to write a business plan, retraining, interview tips and alternative career paths that you might not have considered to help you get the career you want in 2011.

Our first clinic is with career coach and author how to take control of your career in six easy steps.

Wednesday's clinic is on how to write a winning CV.

Thursday's clinic gives expert advice on how to write a business plan.

Friday's clinic details training courses to improve - or completely change - your career.

In Saturday's feature we reveal how to ace a job interview in eight easy steps.

Sunday's session looks at time management skills, with practical advice for fitting it all in.

Our final clinic looks at unique alternative career paths to radically change your 9 to 5.

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