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Right now, Thursday mornings in the office generally begin with a thorough dissection of the previous night’s episode of The Apprentice. But while we usually end up bickering over how we’d tackle the task in hand, this week we’ll be critiquing the episode with ‘expert’ knowledge – because it’s held at our offices!

In Wednesday evening’s episode, Lord Sugar sets the task of producing a “freemium” magazine – “the latest innovation in publishing” at Shortlist Media HQ – home to Stylist and our brother title, ShortList. The project sees the two teams creating their own free magazines and pitching the finished products (one team opts for a lads’ mag, while the other targets the over-60s market) to potential advertisers to win the task.

Look out for Stylist’s art editor, Clare Ferguson, who designs the pages for the over-60s mag under the strict instruction of the team. You’ll have to watch to find out who wins - stay tuned for our live tweeting throughout the episode, and web chat with the fired candidate the following lunchtime.

The Apprentice is on Wednesday 15 June at 9pm, BBC1. Watch a preview clip from the episode below, in which Team Venture try to come up with a suitable name for their free magazine - not as easy as it may sound...

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