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Caitlin Moran is officially the funniest British woman on Twitter


A while back, we commissioned a poll to find out just who, according to you, our readers, is the funniest British woman on Twitter.

Now, the results are in, and the accolade goes to... Caitlin Moran! The influential journalist and author fought off stiff competition from The Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins and comedian Miranda Hart - no mean feat.
Our ‘Funniest Females on Twitter’ survey was commissioned in the lead-up to Stylist Live – a brand new event featuring inspirational speakers (including Caitlin herself), expert demonstrations and catwalk shows, taking place from 15-18 October in Islington, London (get your ticket here).

The poll surveyed 2,700 Stylist readers and a third (30%) voted for Moran as the Twitter Queen of humour, thanks to classic tweets such as 'My Twitter-feed informs me that Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently cycling around London on a Boris Bike. I live for days like these.’

caitlin moran

'Stop saying "You've waited all your life for this." Everyone's waited all their lives for EVERYTHING. That's how time works.'

Meanwhile, Sue Perkins came in a close second (27%) and Miranda Hart third (24%). Also in the top five were comedian Sarah Millican (24%) and J.K. Rowling, known for her humorous interactions and comebacks to other Twitter users (20%).

Also in the top 10 are TV presenter and co-host of Stylist Live Dawn O’Porter and Stylist’s opinionated columnist Lucy Mangan, who will also be at Stylist Live in conversation with Sherlock actress Louise Brealey. 

See the full list of winners below, alongside their most memorable tweets.

  1. Caitlin Moran – columnist and author (30%)
    'Stop saying "You've waited all your life for this." Everyone's waited all their lives for EVERYTHING. That's how time works.'
  2. Sue Perkins – TV presenter of The Great British Bake Off, comedian and author (27%)
    ‘And, as King Richard III is laid to rest, his 527 year parking charges are handed over to Parliament for payment.’
  3. Miranda Hart – actress and comedian (24%)
    ‘Hello twitter. It's been a long time. But now it's time for you to serve your purpose of distraction because I am on a cross trainer.’
  4. Sarah Millican – comedian (24%)
    ‘Is it bad to want a biscuit tin in the bedroom?’
  5. J.K. Rowling – author of the Harry Potter series and The Casual Vacancy (20%)
    ‘@diegtristan8 "she is built like a man". Yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. You're an idiot.’
  6. Dawn O’Porter – writer and TV presenter (18%)
    ‘I mean, I questioned the block of cheese in the sink for quite some time, before I realised it was a sponge #jetlag’
  7. Lucy Mangan – journalist, columnist and author (17%)
    ‘Right. I'm going to put a bra on and treat myself to a Pret sandwich in Bromley. Work hard, play hard, that's me.’
  8. Shappi Khorsandi – comedian (12%)
    ‘Just discovered 'other folder' on fb. Wow! Lovely messages dating back to 400BC. Thank you! Also soz for not seeing ransom demands in time.’
  9. Lily Allen – singer, songwriter and TV presenter (11%)
    ‘I'm spreading soft cheese on top of hard cheese cause I'm out of crackers. #christmas’
  10. Diane Morgan – actress and comedian (10%)
    ‘Just been watching a couple argue in Sainsburys. It was better than anything on Netflix.’
caitlin moran

Caitlin Moran will be talking at Stylist Live on Thursday 15 October about female sexuality in her trademark witty manner.

Lisa Smosarski, organiser of Stylist Live and editor-in-chief of Stylist magazine said, “Lists of the funniest Twitter accounts are often dominated by men, so it’s about time British women were recognised for their comic genius. It’s not just men who can master comedy in 140 characters. 

“We’re delighted to see Caitlin Moran, one of our speakers at Stylist Live, topping the list of the funniest British women on Twitter and can’t wait for her to reveal her frank thoughts on the topic of female sexuality at our biggest-ever event.”
Moran herself was thrilled to come out on top, “Obviously I can’t think of a SINGLE funny thing to say now - partly because of the pressure, and partly because I am, as always, looking for pictures of the young Bruce Springsteen with his top off to tweet to those who need those regular injections of Boss Man Tits - but I am, obviously, totally thrilled to have won. 

“I am #grateful #blessed #upallnighttogetlucky. I feel this also, in some ways, makes up for driving Tom Hardy off Twitter by repeatedly tweeting ‘Oh look at your beautiful FACE Tom Hardy - how COULD they have made you wear that Bane face-mask in Batman, that is a CRIME against hotness’ at him until he left. Sorry about that, womankind.”

Caitlin Moran will be discussing female sexuality in her trademark witty manner at Stylist Live on Thursday 15 October. Stylist Live is a four-day festival of cocktails, culture, catwalks and conversation taking place at the Business Design Centre in Islington on Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 October 2015. Get your tickets here.  

stylist live

Stylist Live is a four-day event taking place in Islington on 15-18 October 2015.



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