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Tag: Art

dior why have there been no great women artists.jpg

The important history behind Dior’s new feminist T-shirt


A major exhibition about Frida Kahlo’s fashion is coming to London


Thought-provoking illustrations reveal hidden secrets of strangers

mari andrew.PNG

These illustrations beautifully capture what it means to be human


Two artists are hoping to collate 1001 photos of bare bums

banned books 1.JPG

100,000 banned texts have been built into a 'Parthenon of books’

best street art uk brighton.PNG

Where to find the best street art spots in the UK

DABflAjXUAAXyJp (1).jpg

A woman left a mountain of cash on the ground to see what would happen


This suffragist will be the first woman statue in Parliament Square


Join the Insta-art revolution

strong is the new pretty photo book 1.jpg

Photographer depicts young girls at their most powerful

flat chested.jpg

Donald Trump quote or sexist 1950s advert?