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Tag: Kindness


Acts of love, humanity and solidarity following the Barcelona attack

ice cream.jpg

Elderly man spoon-feeds his wife ice cream, internet can't handle it

glastonbury festival 2017.jpg

Woman pens beautiful letter to Glastonbury following sexual assault

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Act of dignity: US beautician gives free haircuts to the homeless


80 strangers form incredible human chain to save a drowning family

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City launches kindness initiative to spotlight small acts of heroism


Collective kindness projects that re-tap our sense of human decency

study parents children personality kindness.jpg

The personality trait you're most likely to inherit from your parents

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Nurse reveals why she makes tiny superhero capes for premature babies

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They lost loved ones in terror attacks – and now they’re speaking out


Dustbin man rescues books to create free community library

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15 books that taught us to have courage and be kind