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Tag: Love

anniversary love serenade.jpg

This video of a 90-year-old man serenading his wife will make you cry


Something magical happens when you hold your lover’s hand, says study

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Show these photos to anyone who thinks being gay is “just a phase”

michelle obama friends.jpg

Michelle Obama has the best advice for you and your girlfriends


This dad had the best reason for banning his daughter from waxing

little girl princess bride.jpg

Little girl crashes stranger’s wedding for a seriously cute reason


Do cats or dogs love their owners more? Science has the answer…


What that Love Island row can teach us about dating as a feminist

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How your relationship with your dad affects your love life

girls hannah elijah.jpg

This is why you stay friends with your ex, according to science

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Bride praised for helping BFF’s boyfriend propose during own wedding

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They lost loved ones in terror attacks – and now they’re speaking out