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Tag: Personality


Born in September? Science says this is why you're already winning...

quiet colleagues win.jpg

Why the quietest colleague in the office may have the last laugh


People with blue eyes share this personality trait, say scientists

devil prada.jpg

How to spot if your boss has psychopathic tendencies

driving test fail.jpg

Fail your driving test the first time? It might not be your fault

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Quiz: what type of millennial are you?

1706-58 0000.jpg

What’s your Facebook personality? Study reveals four distinct types

bouncing ball.jpg

Three ways to bounce back from life’s challenges


Original and imaginative: the perks of people who like being alone

study parents children personality kindness.jpg

The personality trait you're most likely to inherit from your parents

black coffee.png

Black coffee lovers, science says you're more likely to be psychopaths


Why you should cherish your frenemies, according to science