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Tag: Relationships


There's a sex side-effect which benefits you for 48 hours, study finds

the break up movie still.jpg

Revealed: the number one reason that women break up with their partner

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Been zombied? There’s now a name for this confusing dating behaviour


Bride’s terryifing diktat is every bridesmaid’s worst nightmare

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Susan Sarandon addresses those Liam Neeson romance rumours

katy perry lgbt rights.jpg

Katy Perry on reconciling her sexuality with her religious upbringing

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Mandy Moore responds to backlash over “dark” This Is Us finale


Stacey Solomon reveals the effects of being in an abusive relationship

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This adorable couple wear matching outfits every single day

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Fearne Cotton opens up about emotional abuse in letter to her daughter


Beauty and the Beast features Disney’s “first ever” interracial kiss

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The beautiful true story behind this ‘date night’ photo will break you