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Tag: Romance

500 dates of summer.jpg

This is what happens to your brain when you fall in love

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When is too soon to say "I love you?"


The fallacy of film love: viral author unpicks the science of intimacy

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First Dates fans cheer as “arrogant, disrespectful” date gets rejected

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The 5 most surprising things I learnt from appearing on First Dates

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Show these photos to anyone who thinks being gay is “just a phase”

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Thing you've had a bad first date? These people ended up in A&E

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Relationship expert reveals the one word that can defuse any argument


First Dates' alopecia sufferer hailed for removing her wig on screen

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Joanna Lumley reveals kissing Leonardo DiCaprio was “no fun at all”

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Science says this is how to get over a break up

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First Dates viewers in tears over cancer survivor’s “perfect ending”