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Tag: Sexism

ricky and morty sexist writers.jpg

Rick and Morty creator responds to sexist trolling of female writers

school homecoming dress code submit photos for approval.jpg

Students told to submit dresses for approval ahead of school dance


Uber forced to apologise for sexist ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ message


Google comes under fire again for 'paying women less than men'

Oprah wage gap equality fought for female staffers.jpg

Why Oprah threatened to quit for the women who worked on her show

dad rules daughter viral facebook post.jpg

Dad sets dating rules for his daughters and the internet has responded


Male-majority government rejects plans for getting women into politics


Julianne Moore has a message for everyone obsessing over her age


Bad period pains? You should be getting checked for endometriosis


#WomanUp: Twitter responds to Piers Morgan’s misogynist bulls**t

women invent man.jpg

Women forced to invent a man in order to get their business started


Gender studies professor destroys that viral Hurricane Harvey tweet