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Want to exit post-Brexit? This study reveals where in Europe your job would make you the most money


After it was announced in June that the UK had voted to leave the European Union, many unhappy Brits started considering their options. Countries including New Zealand saw a huge spike in the number of UK citizens enquiring about moving there – and one study showed that the number of Brits looking to move overseas increased by 30% in the wake of the Brexit vote.

If you were one of those considering a move abroad, a new study has revealed where in Europe you could earn more money, work fewer hours and have longer holidays – all while doing the same job you have now.

Credit comparison website TotallyMoney.com has created a jobs infographic showing how European countries compare to one another based on salary, average hours worked per week, and paid leave (based on the top 10 countries in Europe that Brits migrate to, including the UK).

The interactive tool also shows where your current job could earn you the highest salary.


Pilot? You'd be better off staying in the UK.

“This tool might inspire people to think about moving abroad, when they see they could earn more elsewhere for doing the same job they love,” says Joe Gardiner of TotallyMoney.com.

“Sometimes a change of scene is, as they say, as good as a rest – with the added bonus of making you even more money.”

Britain was found to be the best country to work in if you are a train driver, airline pilot or accountant.

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But perhaps unsurprisingly, it was discovered that Germany ranks at the top country to work in – offering the highest average salary for a staggering range of careers, including design (£29,193), electrical engineering (£39,957), childcare (£29,191), teaching (£45,295) and journalism (£34,322).

German employees don’t make the most money overall – that distinction goes to the Netherlands, where people earn on average £39k a year – but they do work the fewest hours per week, clocking in a dreamy 26 hours in the office on average.

People in Germany also have some of the lowest living costs in Europe, contributing to a generally high standard of living.

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Coming in at second place in the overall rankings is France, which currently offers the most paid leave at 30 days per year.

France was also found to pay the highest average salary to doctors (£120,750), electricians (£33,620) and people working in customer service (£27,720).

And Sweden is the place to head if you’re an estate agent (average salary: £55,348), architect (£43,128), chef (£36,176), bar worker (£27,286) or window cleaner (£32,485, incredibly).

Try out the interactive tool for yourself:

But how many of us are actually thinking of moving away from the UK? According to a new survey of 1,500 people by TotallyMoney.com, over 55% of Brits have considered moving to a new country – perhaps due to the fact that a third of us feel overworked and more than half feel underpaid.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting out of here, now could be the time to bite the bullet.

“With the trigger about to be pulled on Article 50,” says TotallyMoney.com’s Joe Gardiner, “you might want to start packing your bags sooner rather than later.”

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