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Want to escape it all? Apply for this job and move to a remote British isle

Calf of Man island.JPG

Brexit, Jo Cox, Donald Trump, Aleppo, junior doctorsDavid Bowie; it’s no joke that 2016 has been a rough ride. So much so, that ‘surreal’ has been crowned Merriam-Webster’s ‘Word of 2016’, and there’s even a rap about how much of a pillock the year really has been.

So if you’re ready to take an extended break from it all, or long to simply sidestep another year of the post-truth era, a golden opportunity has just presented itself.

No, we don’t mean hitching a discounted flight in the January sales and jetting off for an impromptu gap year, although that does sound like an excellent idea.

This particular opportunity instead comes in the form of rather niche employment, which requires relocating to a remote British isle and living as one of just two island inhabitants.

Intrigued? Let us expand...

Calf of Man island

The Calf of Man lies just off the southern tip of the Isle of Man, and can only be reached by boat

Much like the role that sees employees dining out for a living, the ‘gintern’ vacancy and that job which involves cuddling pandas, two vacancies have opened up on the Calf of Man island, carrying rather appealing perks.

The incredible scenery from the rugged isle, is of course top of the list, along with a true escape from all things digital; there’s no electricity on the island.

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Just one square mile in size, the Calf lies just off the southern tip of the Isle of Man, floating in the Irish sea between England (it’s almost adjacent to parts of the Lake District) and Northern Ireland, and can only be reached by boat from Port Erin and Port St Mary.

There’s no mains water, unfortunately, but what the island lacks in mod-cons it makes up for in beautiful wildlife.

If you’ve had a yearning to shake off the shackles of consumerist society and plunge yourself deep into the simple life, here’s your chance.

So what of the vacancies? Manx National Heritage, which operates under the Isle of Man Government, is seeking an Estate Warden and Ornithology Warden to work on the isle.

Both roles are seasonal, meaning that you’ll live on the island between March and November, and all your accommodation will be covered among the perks.

As the Estate Warden, you’ll need to guide visitors around the Calf, manage the heather, do a bit of dry stone walling, and oversee wildlife surveys - butterflies, seals, moths etc. You’ll also need hands on experience of shepherding, as well bird ringing.

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Thought that was all rather niche?

The Ornithology Warden will need relevant qualifications, along with experience of monitoring and surveying open-nest and cliff-nesting birds, to help them with their new duties of keeping tabs on the island’s chough, Manx shearwater, peregrine, hen harrier, storm petrel and shag populations.

Though there’s no mention of compatibility tests, you’ll likely need to be fairly easy going too, as spending nine months living harmoniously on a remote island with only one other person for company, may be in fact be a specialist skill in itself.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply at manxnationalheritage.im.




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