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Flight attendant adopts dog who waited outside her hotel for six months

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It can be hard to keep the love alive in a long-distance relationship.

But for Rubio the stray dog, a little persistence was all it took for him to finally make it work with the owner of his dreams.

The pup, who met flight attendant Olivia Sievers in Buenos Aires when she was on one of her stopovers, dedicated the next six months to waiting outside of her hotel whenever she was in town - and his dedication finally paid off when she chose to officially adopt him.

Rubio waits for Olivia at her hotel

Rubio waits for Olivia at her hotel

Sievers, from Germany, met Rubio six months ago when she was exploring the area around her Buenos Aires hotel.

After the pup wandered up to her in the street, she gave him some food and a cuddle, along with an airline blanket to ward off the chill, forming a bond strong enough to leave Rubio waiting in anticipation outside of the hotel whenever she had a stopover in Argentina.

It was love at first sight when Olivia played with Rubio outside of the hotel

It was love at first sight when Olivia played with Rubio outside of the hotel

Sievers was initially unsure she would be able to care for Rubio, telling local news station Noticiero Trece that she wanted to stop him waiting for her.

"I tried to change my way as I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel but it was not possible he always followed me so I tried [to wait] one hour but he always watched me and followed me,” she said.

The flight attendant also found him an adoptive home nearby, but the pup escaped and came back to the hotel.

The pair pose for selfies

The pair pose for selfies

After six months, Sievers decided she couldn't be without Rubio and took him home with her to Germany.

The adopted dog now lives happily with Sievers and two other puppy playmates.

Happily ever after

Happily ever after


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