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The top six #springtime photos taking over your Instagram feed


Words: Elle Griffiths

If you’re anything like us, the arrival of British springtime this week will have felt like a real anti-climax.

Your Pinterest-inspired ‘transitional wardrobe’ fantasy has been cruelly replaced with a frumpy tights, streaming mascara and blown inside-out umbrella reality. The sun remains elusive and the daffodils are all clearly regretting blooming and retreating back into the frosty soil. And, worst of all, nothing really seems worth Instagraming.

But with nicer weather finally forecast to arrive next week, a look at the world’s most “Instagrammable Spring wonders” should help you get in the mood for the changing of the season.

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Here in the UK, we associate spring with lighter mornings, longer days and the coming of summer, there are a myriad of other things that only take place at this time of year.

And they’re all incredibly beautiful.

1. The Northern Lights

Mt. Segla. Northern Norway.

A post shared by Even Tryggstrand (@eventyr) on

Many believe that the period around the Spring equinox is the best time to capture this majestic phenomenon, although – somewhat frustratingly – there is never any guarantee of seeing the Aurora at any time of year.

Increased solar activity, slightly warmer weather and potentially less cloud cover than the winter months means that, if you venture to one of the northerly countries, such as Norway, you might be able to get a snap like this... and be the envy of your Instagram followers.

2. Cherry blossoms

Nothing quite says spring like a plethora of fluffy pink cherry blossoms. They’re a common and pretty sight in the UK, but Japan experiences a stunning crop of the pink flowers every year, beginning in the south of the Asian country and gradually spreading north to the most remote islands.

They appear everywhere from the rural villages to the huge futuristic cities, and their juxtaposition with ancient temples makes for breath-taking and iconic pictures.

The cherry blossom season varies from year to year but those in the know are currently predicting that Somei Yoshino (Yoshino cherry), the most popular sakura variety, will start blooming on 24 March in Tokyo, 25 March in Fukuoka, and 28 March in Kyoto and Osaka.

3. Whale watching

This is a beautiful photograph. 👌🏼 Photo & words by @chasedekkerphotography // I've been whale watching so long, that I've been having fun experimenting with different shooting styles and lenses to achieve different looks. I've photographed whales for most of the time with a long zoom lens and recently I've tried only shooting with a wide angle to show the whale in its environment. There's been quite a few wildfires here in California, which has led to a lot of haze in the sky. While the smoke and haze is being produced from an unfortunate event, it does lead to stunning sunsets and last nights was no exception. As the sun reached the horizon, the whales seemed to group together as they began to cooperatively feed on schools of anchovies. I snapped this picture as one of the whales dove off into the sunset. I was at 24mm so even though the whale looks small, he was a mere 15 feet from the boat! Most people want to see a breach, which is completely understandable, but the elegance and fluidity of a whale diving is one that is completely unsurpassed in the animal kingdom. Every drop of water, the details and texture in the fluke, and the muscles moving underneath the skin as the whale dives into the dark unknown are all reasons why I never get tired of watching these whales disappear with a simple dive. 💙 Image ©Chase Dekker. #MadeOfOcean #whales #humpback #wildlife #nature #monterey #montereybay #california #whale

A post shared by The Ocean (@ocean) on

Spring is a great time to spot whales in their natural habitat off both the west and east coasts of North America as they migrate north for their summer feeding grounds.

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The animals are closer to shore during this time of year, meaning a face to face encounter with the huge, incredible mammals is a high possibility. 

California and Oregon in the west and Massachusetts in the east are popular destinations to capture an unforgettable image like the one above.

4. Starlings

Sort sol #sortsol #tøndermarsken #pensionisttur #sortsafari #weekend #tønder #jylland

A post shared by 💜Michelle Bonita💜 (@missybissy) on

Yes, you read that right. Those ten-a-penny birds that are always flying around every nondescript town centre are responsible for this beautiful image. The snap was captured in Denmark where the birds form ‘murmurations’ between Mid-March and April every year.

The mass of feathers are en route from Norway, Sweden and Finland to their breeding grounds in France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands and stop to make these stunning formations on the way.

There’s often so many of the animals twisting and twirling through the dusk sky that they eclipse the sun. 

Southern Jutland is the best place to experience the phenomenon, although a similar thing can be experienced in parts of the UK (particularly in the the autumn).

5. Bluebells 

Signs of Spring- although it still feels far away today in the rain. #bluebells #spring #hurryup #iwanttogetmytoesout

A post shared by The Square (@thesquaremonmouth) on

Bluebells are, like a Sunday roast, one of the things that the UK does really well. And this gorgeous picture taken in Monmouth, Wales, couldn’t make that clearer. 

You won’t have to travel far to see the flowers in Spring time, but Blickling Estate in Norfolk is believed to be one of the top spots in the country to see carpets of the blue flowers.

Other hot-spots include Emmetts Garden in Kent and Leigh Woods near Bristol.

6. Baby deer

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about Spring is the abundance of baby animals everywhere. And if you can’t keep your composure around a field full of baby lambs, just imagine spotting a baby deer.

While this gorgeous image was taken in Canada, there’s plenty of places to spot Bambi in the UK: indeed, you don’t even need to leave the capital to see herds of the animals, as they famously roam around Richmond Park.

However you’ll have to wait till May to spot any of the little ones though, due to breeding seasons.



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