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Embrace a carefree attitude to life


We’re big advocates of women who are confident, strong and do what they like, and believe it’s an ethos we should all live by every day.

But even we sometimes wish we were a bit more carefree. A bit more spontaneous. A bit more ‘why not?’ – let’s face it, a bit more French – because some French women do seem to just have that innate ‘who cares?’ attitude to life that we covet so much.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur for Château de Stylist, to show readers how to be a bit more like our friends across the Channel, during which we will create an entire issue from a chateau in France, le Château de JalesnesClick here to find out how you can be there.

Created in the Loire Valley of France, Chambord is rooted in its Frenchness, with the boldness of colour and the flamboyance in the Chambord bottle. Chambord empowers women to defy convention and live #BecauseNoReason. If you like it, do it. 

We’re starting tonight by adding Chambord to our prosecco, which we’ll be drinking for no reason whatsoever.

Eat as many raspberries as you like. But please drink Chambord responsibly.

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