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From the subtle chair shimmy to full-on grinding: the 12 stages of hitting the dance floor


In this week’s #ThisFrenchLife column, Audrey Diwan, editor-in-chief of Stylist France, shares her tips for avoiding dance floor disasters. The French are particularly dignified when it comes to dancing, she says - moving to the same beat, making subtle movements that can only be described as “a slight wiggle” and staying seated wherever possible.

If only we could say the same for ourselves.

Try as we might to keep things cool, our dance floor journey goes something more like this…

When we first step into the club, we’ve got this down. No big movements here, we are CHILL.


It’s straight to the bar to order a few drinks and get the party started.

Lauren and Lo

Soon the beat starts to take over…


And before long we’ve got our arms in the air…


Oh what, did the DJ just drop a Bieber track?! The dance floor is calling...

Amy Schumer

We attempt some sweet robot moves like Beyonce…


But in reality, we look more like Abbi from Broad City

Broad City

After a while, we’re going ALL OUT. There may be some headbanging involved.


A good slow jam comes on, and we grab a partner…

Step Up

...but the best moments are always with our friends.


Soon we’re dancing home…

Master of None

...and there’s always time for one dance party more before bed.



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