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Want to get paid to travel the world in style? There’s just one little catch…

Vicki Cristina Barcelona

There’s nothing most of us would love more than to throw caution to the wind, sling a backpack over our shoulders and head off on an adventure all over the world. The only problem, however, is the fact that globetrotting doesn’t come cheap; to afford all those flights, you need a pretty well-paid job. And, to get a well-paid job, you have to (usually) sign up to the 9-to-5 grind.

Now, finally, we’ve found the solution; there’s a couple out there who are willing to pay you so that you’ll travel the world with them.

That’s right, they’ll be footing all of your flights, food and accommodation, as well as paying you a salary of somewhere between £985 and £1,230 per month.

And their itinerary sounds absolutely spectacular: you kick things off in New York City, before flying across to the beautiful windswept natural scenery of Scandinavia.

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Then, together, you will travel across Europe’s best and brightest destinations, before taking a short break for Christmas. For the winter, you’ll be heading west to the likes of sun-soaked Hawaii, New Zealand, Asia and “anywhere warm after that”.

There’s just one catch…

They need a travel nanny

You won’t be a mere travel buddy for this dynamic duo. Instead, you’ll be coming along as a travel nanny for their three young children: Porter, Beckett and Wren.

Which means that they have some very strict eligibility requirements, too; the successful applicant will need a background in early education, and be willing to assist with childcare and home-schooling.

Ideally, the nanny will also be happy to pitch in with cooking, cleaning, packing bags and similar household tasks.

Derek and wife Kenzie are funding their trip by selling their home in Utah. They will continue to run their product distribution business remotely, which means that they will be very busy during their globetrotting adventure – and that’s where a travel nanny steps in.

“We’re looking for someone who’s going to love our children as much as we do,” says Derek.

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Writing on their blog, Kenzie made sure to clarify that their itinerary isn’t set in stone – and that they need someone who is independent, flexible, and capable to travel alongside them.

“We are not promising any specific destination, as our travel will be dictated by ticket prices, room prices, weather, visa requirements, and whims of fancy,” she said.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, general submissions for the post are now closed.

However don’t despair, as there’s still a chance to be selected; just make sure that you place yourself on their waiting list asap.

Images: YouTube / Vicki Cristina Barcelona


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