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26 March 2014

Keep up-to-date with the brides

The Stylist wedding blog might have ended but the brides are still posting about their plans

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19 February 2014

Who will officiate our gay wedding?

Gay marriage has been legalised but the logistics of holding a ceremony soon after the law-change are complex

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17 February 2014

Wedding-day traditions you can do without

Sophie McBain explains why she has ignored certain wedding traditions

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12 February 2014

Efficient wedding dress shopping

Elinor Block decided on her dress in about 15 minutes. Here's how she did it...

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6 February 2014

Vintage weddings are out of touch

Why would you theme your wedding around a period of history known for its gender inequality? Danielle Wilde can't think of anything worse

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4 February 2014

Made-to-measure wedding dress service

Anna Brech spent a day with wedding dress designer Susie Stone

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30 January 2014


If Emily Phillips was to reveal her wedding reception playlist it would look something like this...

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27 January 2014

How to give a speech

Instead of her husband-to-be, Elinor Block is going to give what would traditionally be the groom's toast. Here she offers a run down of the dos and don'ts for delivering a speech on your big day...

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22 January 2014

Children shouldn't be excluded from weddings

Distant friends and family will be struck off Sophie McBain's guest list to make space for children

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20 January 2014

The GSD approach to wedding planning

Why is there so much faffing around when it comes to wedding planning and how can we combat it? asks Anna Brech

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17 January 2014

Best not send this to Dad

Her save-the-date card is finalised but Danielle Wilde won't be sending a copy to her dad...

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13 January 2014

I want to wear a jumpsuit on my wedding day

Elinor Block might do away with a traditional dress and opt for an all-in-one. Good or bad idea?

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10 January 2014

The wedding time-lapse video

Anna Brech looks at a new way of capturing your wedding on film...

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8 January 2014

Public wedding proposals should be praised not mocked

Not moved by the YouTube public wedding proposals? You have a cold, cold heart, says Emily Phillips

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3 January 2014

Children are not invited to our wedding

Danielle Wilde's wedding will be a child-free party

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2 January 2014

The upsides of a long-distance engagement

Soiphie McBain has found some positive benefits in separation

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20 December 2013

I did an engagement shoot and I liked it

Elinor Block wasn't sure about doing an engagement shoot but turns out it's pretty useful...

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18 December 2013

The alternative to a bridal veil

Sophie McBain thinks veils are too much like fancy dress. She's found the solution

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16 December 2013

We need a break from wedding planning

Emily Phillips found a lovely wedding venue (while attempting a break from wedding planning)

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10 December 2013

Lesbian weddings have no blueprint

"We want to create something unique to us and our aesthetics that stood apart from any other union," says Danielle Wilde

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12 December 2013

Vintage props for brides on a budget

Anna Brech takes a look at a new company that offers vintage props to hire from just 30p a piece...

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5 December 2013

Practical wedding lingerie, please

Sophie McBain will not be choosing a racy underwear set for her big day - that can wait until the honeymoon

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29 November 2013

Church marriage lessons aren't as bad as I thought they'd be

In order to get married in a Catholic Church, Emily Phillips has to attend couples' marriage sessions. And turns out, they're not all about household chores and praying...

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28 November 2013

Strangers assume I'm marrying a man

Danielle Wilde's engagement ring has raised some complex subjects in awkward situations...

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25 November 2013

We've found our venue

After months (OK, nearly two years) of procrastination, Anna has booked her ceremony and reception venue.

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21 November 2013

Elinor's wedding cake

Elinor Block has chosen a floral tiered cake for her wedding day

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18 November 2013

First dance songs for our wedding

Sophie McBain presents her top five songs for a first dance

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14 November 2013

My favourite vintage wedding dresses

Emily Phillips found her wedding dress at London's Charlie Brear but she could have bought the whole shop

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13 November 2013

DIY flower arranging

Arranging your own wedding flowers can save money but it's not for the faint-hearted. Anna Brech heads to the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers to dust up her skills.

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8 November 2013

Danielle and Gemma's raucous engagement party

Burlesque dancing and all-night music were the essentials for Danielle and Gemma's big bash

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6 November 2013

We're planning a garden wedding

Sophie McBain's garden wedding is turning into a far bigger event than planned

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1 November 2013

Samantha's wedding day photos are here

Samantha and Nick married in May - finally, her professional wedding shots have arrived. It was worth the wait...

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31 October 2013

Marquee decorations on a budget

Anna Brech explores cheap and cheerful options for marquee decoration.

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30 October 2013

Turn yourself into a 3D wedding cake topper

Emily Phillips (and colleagues) tried out Asda's new 3D printing service

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28 October 2013

Introducing Danielle

Our new wedding blogger Danielle Wilde is marrying her girlfriend in 2014

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23 October 2013

Are weddings narcissistic?

Great British Bake Off's Ruby Tandoh called weddings 'an exercise in narcissism". Elinor Block agrees

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21 October 2013

I've found my dream venue

Elinor Block thought she'd got her wedding day sorted, she just needed to book that damn marquee...

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17 October 2013

We're getting married and moving to different countries

Sophie McBain's fiancé is moving to Egypt and she's staying in London

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16 October 2013

Wedding games ideas

Emily Phillips has some clever ideas to keep her guests amused on the big day...

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14 October 2013

Do weddings work for the attention-shy?

Anna Brech can't wait for her wedding day. Just don't ask her about the speeches. Or the first dance. Or anything that involves being the centre of attention, really...

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10 October 2013

I'm marrying a groomzilla

Sophie McBain thought she would have some bridezilla moments – turns out, her boyfriend has beaten her to it...

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9 October 2013

What I learned a friend's wedding

Emily Phillips was worried her friend's wedding would send her into a panic about her own plans

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8 October

Lucy and Jonny's country wedding

Lucy and Jonny tied the knot in the Yorkshire countryside last month...

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7 October

Who wants a painting of them making love?

A company has launched a kit for couples to capture their sex life in a painting. Why would you want to do this, asks Elinor Block

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4 October 2013

Why I'm having seven bridesmaids

Sophie McBain's bridesmaid troupe is one her greatest organisational and managerial achievements...

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1 October 2013

My wedding planning nightmare

Emily Phillips' wedding plans were going swimmingly until...

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30 September 2013

Let's hear it for wedding wellies

Anna Brech explores the wonderful world of wedding wellies. Perfect for that (mud-encrusted) Big Day...

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23 September 2013

Why I won't have a gift list

Sophie McBain explains why she's shunning gift lists - and is asking for CDs instead.

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19 September 2013

Wedding stationery

Emily Phillips talks through her stationery design ideas. Yes, this is just as important as any other part of the wedding planning process...

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12 September 2013

We've gone way over budget

Emily Phillips set her wedding day budget at £15,000 - and then promptly went over it. Time for crisis talks...

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9 September

Why I'm not changing my surname

Sophie McBain won't be changing her surname when she marries next year - that's for the Mrs Brad Hotshots of yesteryear...

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5 September 2013

Chicken: there's more to wedding breakfasts than this, right?

Emily Phillips will NOT be having roast chicken at her wedding breakfast. But what's the alternative?

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4 September


Lucy Foster has four days until her wedding and she's developed an eye infection. Good timing (not)...

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2 September

My top-three London bridal shops

Sophie McBain recommends her top-three bridal boutiques in London

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30 August 2013

Are hen night traditions outdated?

With more and more brides opting for alternative hen celebrations, we ask four of our bloggers whether strippers, willy straws, slogan tees and the like have had their day...

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29 August 2013

My first dress fitting was a disaster

Sophie McBain was looking forward to finding the perfect dress. But her first foray into a bridal boutique was an emotional occasion - for all the wrong reasons...

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27 August 2013

Wedding Food: The Late Night Refuel

Anna Brech ponders the delights of late night food pop-ups. Will it be falafel or wood fired pizzas?

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22 August 2013

Boudoir bridesmaid shoots? I'll keep my clothes on, thank you

Emily Phillips wonders why brides take part in naked boudoir photoshoots with their bridesmaids...

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21 August 2013

Why I'm marrying in a church

Sophie McBain is ambivalent towards religion but is marrying in a church. She explains why...

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19 August

How to choose your wedding photographer

Elinor Block speaks to four top wedding photographers and asks them for their advice for perfect wedding photos...

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16 August 2013

Where to find budget wedding shoes

Lucy Foster has found the perfect pretty-but-comfortable wedding shoes - and they cost £60...

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14 August

Stamp your own wedding invites

Sophie McBain had a crafty and clever idea for her save-the-date cards...

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12 August

Lucy's favourite bridal boutiques

Searching for your perfect dress? Lucy Foster recommends three bridal shops worth visiting...

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9 August 2013

Bridesmaid dresses for under £100

Emily Phillips is looking for six Game Of Thrones-inspired dresses for under £100 each...

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9 August 2013

Why my wedding day won't be perfect

The perfect day? Hell no, says Anna Brech. I'd rather just have fun...

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7 August

How to source ethical engagement rings

Bride-to-be Sophie McBain was horrified that jewellers couldn't tell her where their metals and stones were from. With the help of ethical jeweller David Rhode, she explains how to source conflict-free rings...

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6 August 2013

Introducing Lucy

Lucy Foster and her partner Jonny are marrying in five weeks in her parents' garden in Yorkshire...

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5 August 2013

Hand in marriage: why I say no

Would you want your partner to ask your dad for marriage permission? Elinor Block can't think of anything worse...

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31 July

Introducing Emily

Emily Phillips and her boyfriend Charlie got engaged last year. The location? The Boat Lake in New York's Central Park...

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30 July 2013

'Do you definitely want to marry me?'

When David asked Sophie to marry him, she replied: "Are you sure?", "Do you definitely want to do this?" and finally, "Is this a joke?"

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28 July 2013

Introducing Elinor

Elinor Block and her boyfriend Matt are planning a wedding with a £5,000 budget...

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26 July 2013

Introducing Sophie

Sophie McBain met her husband-to-be in a Libyan prison. Yes, really...

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17 July 2013

Accessorise your wedding with The Gin Garden

The Gin Garden will set-up shop at your wedding - Anna Brech is sold...

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17 June 2013

Mollie got married!

Find out what dress she wore, which song she walked down the aisle to and whether she managed to remember all of it...

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31 May 2013

Yurts and tipis: what you need to know

Chairs, tables, lighting, heating - Anna Brech finds out she needs a lot of equipment to complete her dream country wedding...

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17 May 2013

Flower ideas for weddings

Mollie McGuigan has finalised her wedding flowers. Find out what she picked...

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17 May 2013

One-week wedding countdown

Samantha Flowers shares her wedding preparation advice...

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8 May 2013

Five wedding headpieces

Mollie McGuigan shares her favourite headpieces from milliner Jane Taylor

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6 May 2013

Three hen-dos in one week

Find out what happened at Samantha Flowers' multiple hen-dos...

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2 May 2013

Boutique wedding dresses

See Anna Brech try on dresses from independent designers...

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29 April 2013

Wedding lingerie to keep forever

Mollie McGuigan wants a sexy lingerie set that will be invisible under her wedding dress...

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26 April 2013

Hire a cocktail caravan

Anna Brech is torn between two retro cocktails vans. Check out her mobile bar choices...

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19 April 2013

Our staycation honeymoon

Mollie McGuigan and her husband can't afford long haul so they're going for a luxury break in Cornwall instead

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9 April 2013

Minefield: bridesmaid dresses

Samantha Flowers has finalised bridesmaid dresses. Who knew it could be so stressful?

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2 April 2013

Decorate your reception venue on a budget

Mollie McGuigan explains how she is using budget decorations to great effect

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27 March 2013

Guest contributions: we changed our mind

Mollie McGuigan was going to ask her wedding guests for a contribution but she's changed her mind. Here's why...

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20 March 2013

How to enjoy wedding planning

Endless celebrating, hours of Pinterest research and drunk DJing? Yes, Anna Brech is having a lot of fun planning her big day

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13 March 2013

How to avoid a hen-do drama

Willy straws? Strippers? A weekend in Vegas? Anna Brech explores the thorny issue of the hen-do

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5 March 2013

The hunt for a stylish wedding shoe

Mollie McGuigan has been searching for a fashion-forward shoe for her wedding day. See her favourites

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28 February 2013

Raise a glass to drunk brides

"Brides shouldn't get drunk." Don't be ridiculous, says Mollie McGuigan

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25 February 2013

Wedding dress shopping on a budget

Anna Brech wants a wedding dress for under £500 - can she find her perfect dress?

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18 February 2013

Which fragrance will you wear on your big day?

Her grandmother wore Chanel No 5 and her mum wore Charlie Red - but what will Samantha Flowers choose as her signature fragrance?

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11 February 2013

Reception venue: booked!

After looking at several venues, Mollie has finally found a wedding reception venue - and it's just a short walk from her house

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5 February 2013

What's your wedding day fear?

Rain, falling over, sobbing like a baby - we asked our brides to reveal their wedding day fears

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1 February 2013

Would you change your name?

Our brides tell us whether they will be changing their names when they marry. Have your say

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18 January 2013

Mollie goes wedding dress shopping

Mollie's found her perfect wedding dress and it's within her £500 budget

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15 January 2013

No presents just money, please

Mollie McGuigan and her husband Tony have asked their wedding guests for cash rather than presents

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13 January 2013

Introducing Samantha Flowers

Stylist deputy beauty editor Samantha had a very romantic engagement. Tissue ready, people

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13 January 2013

Introducing Mollie

Emerald Street's deputy editor has four months to plan her city-centre wedding

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13 Jan 2013


Anna Brech is the senior writer on She would like to get married in the country and hasn't set a wedding date yet. Or found a dress. Or a venue. Or…

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