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Gin Garden: must-have wedding accessory?


The Gin Garden will set-up shop at your wedding - Stylist online writer Anna Brech is sold...

Forget antique veils or bucolic flower arrangements: the only wedding accoutrement I'm interested in right now is The Gin Garden.

This beautifully engineered pop-up is up there with the The Secret Garden in terms of mystical appeal, only with gin and far less call for hidden keys. A travelling bar, it serves up cocktails amid a scenic backdrop of rhododendrons, tiger lilies in full bloom and even strips of velvety turf.

Gin is enjoying a renaissance among drinkers right now and, as a wedding guest, I can't think of anything better than stumbling upon a corner of lawn devoted to the good stuff. Good stuff you can enjoy with lanterns, candles and chairs, surrounded by cherry trees in blossom or a blaze of Shirley poppies.

In a nod to the revival trend, The Gin Garden works with distilleries and local suppliers to complement the botanicals of its gins with fresh, seasonal ingredients. For non-drinkers, it can also rustle up non-alcoholic tonics and warm herbal infusions served in vintage tea cups.

The cocktail menu is an Aladdin's Cave of flavour and inspiration. I love the sound of the Chamomile Fig Tonic with fresh raspberries, lime and basil leaves. And the Botanical Lime Gimlet, made with gin, lime and nettle and mullein cordial.

Then there's "The Herballs", cocktails that are worth ordering for the pun alone; but also for the infusions they come with, from pineberry to rhubarb and elderflower. The Fleur de Prunelle concoction, garnished with Sweet William, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Talking of crowds, cocktails take a while to make; so if you want to cut down on queues, it's worth a look at the punch options. The Earl Grey, Summer Fruit and Ginger variety sounds like a goodie.

Find out more about The Gin Garden on its website, or on Twitter @GinGarden. Email info@gingarden.com for a quote.

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