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We like to listen to our readers, and if there's one thing we are told time and time again it's that you lot feel time poor, particularly mid-week. But we also know that you like to feel put together, and beauty and hair contributes to making that happen.

So, because we know just how you feel, we've compiled 30 gorgeous hair tutorials that can all be completed in five minutes or less. Meaning you can take more time first thing for bit more sleep or just a few moments of peace and quiet.

Whether you have short, mid-length or long hair, you'll find a style that works for you and can relax in the knowledge you're beauty look won't betray the fact you took an extra 10 minutes in bed! 

  • Messy side pony

    Relaxed and casual, but it still looks like you've made an effort. The messy side pony tail looks a treat on A Cup Of Jo. 

  • Twisted hairdo for short hair

    This cute, messy style is perfect for getting short - but not that short - hair off the face in a quick and easy fashion. Find out how to do it with Doo Rag Mama at How To Hair Girl

  • Knotted bun

    Channel rough and ready glamour with a low slung knotted bun. This DIY style comes courtesy of Once Wed. Just twist and go!

  • The 'Fake It' Pony

    This fake ponytail involves scooping the hair back and securing with pins, leaving a few tendrils out for a more casual look. Head to Babble for directions. 

  • Sew It

    You heard us right. Instead of using hair grips to keep your hair out of your eyes, pick up a needle and thread and sew your hair back. Best not to attempt this one on a hangover. She Lets Her Hair Down came up this is innovative style. 

  • Basic updo

    Visit Black Girl Long Hair for a selection of sweet updos that'll take you from the office to bar. 

  • Sexy 60 Second Secretary Beehive

    A super sweet beehive hack. Get perfect 60s hair in just a minute with help from How To Hair Girl

  • 1940s head scarf

    Don't put down that silk scarf just yet. Bundle yourself up some rolls and then wrap the rest away with a classic vintage look, courtesy of Get With The 40s.

  • Leather wrapped braids

    Inspired by a look sported by Jessa in Girls, these leather wrapped fishtail braids mix tough with pretty. How To Hair Girl has the tutorial.

  • The Gibson Tuck

    A contemporary take on the voluminous hair of the 1910s Gibson Girls, this is an nice way to bring a bit of class to your morning hair battle. The Freckled Fox shows you how. 

  • Looped ponytail

    This looped ponytail makes for a modernist take on a all-time fave look. Blogger Love Blair shows you how it's done.

  • Waterfall braids

    Once mastered this will come as second nature. Create your own ddramatic waterfall braid with help from How To Chic.

  • Two minute up-do

    This classic, 1920s boho style hairdo only takes two minutes! All you need is an elastic headband and some nimble fingers. See how it's done at Hello Natural.

  • Cream eyeshadow hair tint

    Why not take a tip from Fro Envy, and add a quick boost to you hair by using cream eyeshadow, rather that chalk. 

  • Beachy waves tutorial

    Create beachy waves without setting foot anywhere near the sand. All you need is a hair straightener, a few plaits and this tutorial from blogger Christine Marie

  • Mini quiff

    Whip yourself up a rockabilly inspired mini quiff in seconds. This fake victory roll is easy peasy with how-to blog The Life of Lulu Belle.

  • Low Rolled Bun

    A few flicks is all it takes to create this shiny style. Get the low-down on how to do it at Lulu's

  • Quick Turban

    For an effortlessly glam, thrillingly easy look, pick your fave scarf and wrap yourself in a turban. 100 Layer Cake has a nifty tutorial. 

  • Easy headscarf roll

    And yet another way to incorporate a headscarf into your five minute hair makeover. The Freckled Fox recommends this one for festivals, and we agree. 

  • Messy bun

    Something to whip up in mere seconds, this messy bun is fun and failsafe. Get to the Autumn Grey blog to see how it's done. 

  • 2 minute low braided bun

    This looks like it took a whole lot longer than two minutes, but the trick is, it didn't. Follow the advice of Express-O to perfect the style. 

  • Twist back style

    This lush twist back can be done in five minutes and is perfect for creating Pre-Raphelite sensuality. Project Inspired has the tutorial. 

  • Pinned back fringe

    This crazily cute pinned back fringe look is just that - a couple of bobby and voila! A Beautiful Mess will show you how it's done. 

  • Easy Classy Updo

    This sophisticated looking updo is brilliantly simple - just pull your hair into a high ponytail and then do tactical hair-looping and nifty bobby pinning. Yoga by Candace will show you how. 

  • Tuck and Cover Half 'Do

    Missy Sue pulls together a lovely, romantic style with the help of a fabric headband. If you've got the time then some hair tonging wouldn't go amiss, but it works just as well with an un-groomed barnet. 

  • The twisted bun

    This works on all hair lengths, including short hair - just separate the front and the back of the hair at the crown, then twist pieces back and secure them in a bun. Babble show you had to replicate the fast but flattering style 

  • DIY Messy French Twist

    Irrelephant show us a simple way to create a lush French twist with just your fingers and some hair grips. Make it as a messy as you like by pulling out strands or by just not having enough sleep the night be before attempting the style. 

  • Twist Doughnut Bun

    There are a fair few steps in the creation of this squidgy, delicious doughnut bun, but once mastered, you should be able to whip it up in minutes. Join The Mood will guide you through the process. 

  • Hair Bow

    Going for cutesy look? Then pull your hair in a bow shape and live your Gwen Stefani dreams out at the office. Hair and Make Up By Steph shows us that this is far easier to accomplish than it looks. 

  • Easy Braided Half-Crown

    Dispense with all the faffing about with curling tongs and this is a really simple style. Just plait, pin and go! La Petite Noob provides an easy to follow tutorial. 

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