Career horoscope: Here’s what to expect from your zodiac sign in March

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If you’re feeling particularly creative, ambitious, bored or distracted at work this month astrologer Kelli Fox thinks your star sign probably has something to do with it.

Astrology is a divisive topic. Some say star signs and horoscopes give people an excuse for their less than positive traits or actions, while others wholeheartedly believe their destiny is written in the stars. 

Whichever side of the argument you stand on, a fact none of us can deny is that in the last decade access to horoscopes has gone into free-fall. No longer are believers beholden to newspapers and magazines for their predictions, now there’s apps pushing out daily notifications with the latest personalised zodiac news straight to your mobile phone. (Isn’t technology great?)

Those of you who enjoy horoscopes will know the Babylonians invented the 12 signs of the zodiac - and last year it was big news when we were told our star signs had changed. But what’s going on this month? 

“Luxury-loving Venus shifts into acquisitive Taurus early in March, giving many of us a strong motive for maximising income,” Astrology.TV’s Kelli Fox told, looking at zodiac predictions around careers and work specifically. “The Full Moon on 9 March in diligent Virgo encourages fact-checking – however, lucky Jupiter remains in tenacious Capricorn, and so does ambitious Mars for almost all of March: it’s a good time overall for pushing ahead with work-related goals.

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“Right at the end of the month, Mars shifts into futuristic Aquarius, joining hard-working Saturn which arrives there a week earlier – this, together with a pioneering Aries New Moon on 24 March is promising news for those working in cutting edge industries.”

If that’s got you hankering for more careers-based astrology, scroll down to find Fox’s prediction for all 12 star signs in March. 

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Something is amiss with your working conditions, especially around the Full Moon on 9 March – but Mars pushes your ambitions forwards and boosts your staying power. Saturn’s residence in your career zone is ending; when this planet changes signs on 22 March career progress gets slightly easier. 

With Venus in your money zone, however, keep a close eye on your impulsive spending. You can expect some great news around the Aries New Moon on 24 March, but 31 March brings frustrations as Mars conjuncts Saturn in your community zone – especially difficult if you work with the public.


Brilliant creative ideas give you an edge following the Full Moon on 9 March, but with Mercury retrograde in your career zone early in March, you may struggle to get people to take you seriously initially. Venus’ arrival in Taurus helps, increasing your persuasive power. 

The best career energies come later in the month when Saturn shifts into your career zone on 22 March, followed by ambitious Mars making the same move on 30 March. This brings increasing responsibility, but majorly increased potential too. Don’t run before you can walk, however, especially on 31 March as Mars conjuncts Saturn.

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Be prepared to spend March looking at your career from an emotional rather than ambitious angle. The Full Moon on 9 March brings up guilty feelings around your work-family balance and with Venus in your spiritual zone, there’s a sense of retreat and a search for a true calling. You may feel that you need to shift direction. 

Indeed, Mars spends the month reminding you that you have more inner talents and resources than you think. From the 16th onwards, Mercury helps you to rationalise these feelings and the New Moon on 24 March inspires you to make your move.


Personal issues take your focus off work for much of March – hardly surprising with both Mars and Saturn initially transiting your love zone. However, the Full Moon on 9 March does boost your networking skills, so it’s a good time to expand your contacts. Venus’ arrival in your social zone is also a definite boost if you work in sales or marketing. 

After 20 March, the Sun shifts to your career zone and work ambitions heat up – the perfect time to showcase your talent and to ask for what you deserve. The New Moon on 24 March is excellent for job interviews.

horoscope star sign
Why are so many of us turning to astrology after lockdown?


March is a financially motivated month for you, particularly during the Full Moon in your money zone on 9 March. It’s helpful then that Venus arrives in your career zone early on, smoothing interpersonal relationships and making it easier for you to make a professional impression. 

Meanwhile, driven Mars remains in your everyday work zone until 30 March. This combination of professional charm and good old-fashioned hard work serves you very well, although with Uranus still in your career zone, you should take nothing for granted. The New Moon on 24 March could bring lucrative business news from overseas.


Overseas work, contracts or contacts are likely to be important in your career this March, starting with events around the Full Moon on 9 March. Although Mercury starts off retrograde in your work zone, Mars drives your creativity throughout the month, so you’ll find new and unusual ways to get your point across. 

Take up every training opportunity you get, as Venus in your education zone ensures a fun and pleasant experience. On 22 March, Saturn shifts into your work zone, followed by argumentative Mars on 30 March – watch out for disputes with colleagues intensifying as the month progresses. 

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If you work in construction, on the land or in the caring professions, March could be highly successful, with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn bringing some major progress. 

Mid-month the pressure will ease, as Mercury moves into your work zone and shines some logical light on issues you’ve been too emotionally close to. The New Moon on 24 March is a good moment for a new business or professional partnership.


March is a good time for consolidating your work position. The Full Moon on 9 March is a fascinating moment if you work with the public or in the charity sector, and Venus’ arrival in your interpersonal zone improves relationships with colleagues. You’re driven to learn, courtesy of both Mars and Saturn in your training zone for most of March. 

Make the most of any opportunities to study or indeed to mentor others. The Sun’s shift into your work zone on 20 March brings a good-natured feel to work, and the New Moon on 24 March suggests possible promotion, or recognition at least.


The Full Moon in your career zone on 9 March is a make or break moment at work, although with Mercury retrograde at this stage, you may struggle to know what you want. Fortunately, Mars in your money zone drives you to make sound decisions, and Venus’ arrival in your work zone smooths over discord among colleagues. 

On 22 March, Saturn leaves your money zone, freeing up greater income potential. Creatively, you’re on a roll too, especially after 20 March when the Sun boosts your imagination. The New Moon on 24 March is a great time for new product innovations or creative marketing campaigns.


Long distance commutes or the strain of working away from home may take their toll during the Full Moon on 9 March, and Venus’ arrival in your risk zone highlights potential issues here too. However, with both Mars and Saturn in your career zone for most of March, you’re determined to make it work. 

Expect some answers after 20 March when the Sun illuminates your home zone; a New Moon on 24 March could see you resolving the distance issue once and for all. By the end of March, Mars and Saturn have both shifted to your money zone, focusing on your long-term financial goals. 

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Regrets about your career may initially loom large this March. An emotional Full Moon on 9 March urges you to let the past go, but with Mercury initially retrograde in Aquarius and Mars and Saturn both driving the guilt from your subconscious zone, that’s easier said than done. 

Things look up from 16 March when Mercury moves into your money zone and from 22 March when Saturn shifts into Aquarius. This is a grounding influence, firing up your determination. The New Moon in your training zone on 24 March hints at a fresh start and when Mars moves into Aquarius on 31 March, your ambitions soar.


Look at the bigger picture work-wise. Venus hangs out in your training zone, suggesting that gaining extra qualifications could be a lucrative move, while Mars and Saturn mostly stay in your objectives zone, encouraging long-term planning. 

The Full Moon in your interpersonal zone on 9 March hints that emotions are clouding a business partnership, but Mercury’s arrival in Pisces on 16 March ensures that common sense prevails. The Sun moves into your money zone on 20 March, bringing good news. A New Moon on 24 March, also in your money zone, is a great time to launch a new side hustle.

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Words by Kelli Fox from Astrology.TV

Hero image: Erin Aniker


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