Mercury retrograde: shrug emoji on astrological background

Mercury retrograde: 33 tweets and memes that will make you feel seen, whether you believe in astrology or not

The best memes about Mercury retrograde, because what else can we do at this point other than laugh hysterically? 

It’s official; Mercury is back in retrograde from 27 September up until 18 October, allegedly bringing with it all the potential chaos associated with the astrological transit – not to mention an invisible villain for us to shake our fists at and blame everything on.

Why, though? Well, despite being nothing more than an optical illusion (Mercury appears to change course and move backwards in the sky, something that usually happens three or four times a year), astrologers and horoscope addicts alike have it pegged as trouble with a capital ‘T’. Because, according to believers, the planet’s perceived change of direction has chaotic consequences for us here on Earth, especially when it comes to communication and technology (such as sending an email to the wrong person, accidentally ‘liking’ an ex’s Instagram post, or missing an important call).

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For the past few weeks, then, you’ll no doubt have noticed that your social media feeds have slowly been filling up with Mercury retrograde references. And that, quite possibly, some of your friends and colleagues have begun casually mentioning it in conversation (think “sorry you didn’t get my email – ugh, Mercury retrograde, am I right?”).

Whatever your beliefs on the matter, there’s no doubt whatsoever in our minds that it’s always nice to have someone or something to blame for the chaos in our lives. So, with that in mind, we’ve looked out some of our favourite tweets and memes about Mercury retrograde (just to celebrate the fact it’s happening for the third and final time of 2021).


  • First things first, didn’t we already do the Mercury Retrograde thing?

    Yes, we did. But, to quote Noah in The Notebook, it wasn’t over, and it still isn’t over. Sorry.

  • And is it really such a drama?

    Apparently yes, it is.

  • So prepare, prepare, prepare

    Apparently the worst thing you can do is let yourself be caught off guard.

  • And try to stay calm

    All you can do is try.

  • Because all we have to do is get through the next few weeks...

    Repeat after me: this is the third and final Mercury Retrograde of the year. You got this.

  • For the non-believers...

    Seems simple enough…

  • And for the believers:

    Find someone who gets you and all your astrological hangups, OK?

  • This:

    Why? Well, because it always leads to point three on our list, no matter how hard we try.

  • Relatable content

    Been there, pal. 

  • Mercury retrograde? Ya basic

    Admit it: you feel this one in your bones, right?

  • Hmm...

    Essentially, confusing stuff is happening. Stick with it.

  • Confusing stuff like...

    Well, like texts from an ex, for example.

  • A lot of stuff about exes, actually

    Do not give in.

  • So much so, in fact, that there’s a name for it


  • And then there are the mood swings, apparently

    No, apparently it has nothing to do with this ridiculous weather; it’s all about Mercury retrograde. Hmm.

  • The communication issues

    Yes, the Mr Krabbs meme is back. What of it?

  • And all the other tech issues

    Always save as you go, folks. 

  • So, what to do about it?

    Well, you could put your entire life on hold. 

  • Or you could use it as an excuse to do whatever you want

    Try blaming Mercury’s “shadow period” next time you want to cancel plans, and see how your pals react. We dare you.

  • Because sorry seems to be the hardest word

    … except when you can bookend it with an astrological phenomenon, we guess.

  • And on that (post-it) note...

    “I don’t wanna have to resort to this but if I have to, I will play the post-it card.”

  • Try to stay positive

    Listen to Bob Ross.

  • Take the opportunity to process whatever you need to

    They might call it “getting into alignment,” but we call it “getting your shit together.”

  • And try not to blame Mercury retrograde for everything


  • On the plus side...

    Take some time for yourself. To… to grow, we guess. On a spiritual level?

  • Does bribery work?

    If only you could bribe your way out of the so-called retroshade, eh?

  • Mercury retrograde in one tweet:

    Hey, if Daria says it, then it must be true.

  • How “am” I?

    Always an excellent response when someone responds to a WhatsApp a good month after you sent it, right?

  • Nearing the finish line...

    To be fair, this is what we look like at the end of most weeks.

  • Veronica, you look like hell

    There is nothing we love more than a Heathers reference, quite frankly. And this one works just as well for the post-lockdown world as it does for Mercury retrograde.

  • What did we tell you?

    We lied before, because Mercury Retrograde is never over, to be honest. Sorry.

  • Because...

    Repeat after us: retroshade.

  • And remember:


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