What’s in the stars this Christmas: brace yourself for some cosmic holiday madness

The stars are set to bring us good things in 2021 – new alignments between Jupiter and Saturn will bring a new focus on friendships, and unconventional ways of thinking in the new year. Here’s what else to expect.

Between last-minute gift shopping, holiday food prep, and trying to figure out exactly who’s in your pandemic bubble, the lead-up to Christmas is shaping up to be inarguably hectic—and the cosmos aren’t making things any easier on us. December is packed with some of the most dynamic astrology events of the decade, including a total solar eclipse and an ultra-rare planetary alignment known as the Great Conjunction. 

This means that even the less astrologically-inclined among us are liable to feel the shifts – even if we’re fully drowning ourselves in mulled wine by then. 

Let’s break down the astro drama and sort out exactly how the stars will affect our holiday festivities, because there are some pretty fascinating celestial happenings on the horizon.

A total solar eclipse to usher in the holidays

Christmas Day falls between the mid-month eclipse and the end-of-year full moon, both of which light up the month with lunar intensity. The total solar eclipse which happened on 14 December (which also happens to be the last new moon of the year) has the power to knock us off our feet, as eclipses in astrology are known for their potential to serve shocking revelations that help to align us on new paths.

We’ll still be coming off this eclipse’s chaos during Christmas week, so even if you’re scrambling to hang ornaments and wrap gifts, it can be helpful to set some time aside to process the shake-ups and recalibrate your personal compass. This new moon set out to push our limits and expand our horizons, so grant yourself a moment of post-eclipse peace as we approach the heart of the holi-daze.

The week of Christmas: when things get wild 

The week leading up to Christmas is perhaps the most significant planetary period of the year – and that doesn’t even account for the holiday madness happening here on Earth. The planets will be just as busy as we are, as a whopping five major planets change zodiac signs between 15-21 December, causing a wave of potent energy shifts. While all the vibe adjustments might make for a tumultuous week, we may find that these changes are for the better if we’re willing to embrace them.

For example, 21 December rings in the start of Capricorn season, which brings out our pragmatic and down-to-business sides. This could help kick us into a higher gear when it comes to slashing through our pre-holiday to-do lists or even scoring the best last-minute deals on gifts. Capricorn is all about money, honey, so we can channel its vibe by counting our coins and being smart about our spending.

And 21 December is also the date of the winter solstice, aka the first official day of winter—yes, the holidays have truly begun! But perhaps more importantly, this date delivers the year’s crown jewel of cosmic drama—a long-awaited event known as the Great Conjunction, which refers to the rare alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the zodiac. These two giant planets only mingle with one another about once every 20 years, so when they do, it’s a big deal. 

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The dawning of the “Age of Aquarius” 

The exceptional union of Jupiter and Saturn is believed to create waves in our personal lives as well as the structure of society – and according to astrology, it’s ushering in an entirely new and more enlightened era. After the year we’ve just experienced, I think we can all welcome a little change into our lives, right?

Astrologers have been anticipating this Great Conjunction for decades, as this alignment marks the beginning of a new cycle in the zodiac. But this year’s is set to be even more legendary than most, as it takes place in the sign of Aquarius and heralds in what many astrologers believe to be the “Age of Aquarius” (yes, you’ve probably heard a song about it!). This is the first time since 1405 that we’ll experience a Great Conjunction in Aquarius – and it’s the closest contact that these two planets have made since 1623, which amplifies its cosmic power even further.

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In astrology, joyful Jupiter represents knowledge and growth, while strict Saturn governs over rules and responsibility. With these cosmic powerhouses joining forces in the innovative and humanitarian sign of Aquarius, we can look forward to a greater emphasis on community-building, friendships, and unconventional ways of thinking over the coming year and beyond. The futuristic reign of the “Age of Aquarius” should feel like a breath of fresh air for all star signs.

December’s Great Conjunction is just as exciting for astronomers as it is fir astrologers, as it’s the closest Jupiter/Saturn alignment that we’ll be able to observe with the naked eye since 1226 – so look out for it in the evening sky. Astronomers have actually dubbed this year’s Great Conjunction the “Christmas star,” as these two planets will look like a single bright object in the sky as we approach Christmas Day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, astrologically and otherwise. 

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A healing post-holiday full moon to calm our nerves 

The 2020 holidays are a busy time in the stars, but that certainly doesn’t have to be a bad thing – especially with a healing full moon to look forward to. Throughout Christmas week, we’ll be building up to the powerful lunation on 29 December, which is the last full moon of 2020. This emotional lunar moment will bring our feelings to a climax and serve as a potent release point for a whole year’s worth of drama. It’s a great time to virtually gather with your closest crew of confidants for wine, nostalgia, and maybe a few cathartic post-holiday tears.

Both the lead-up to and comedown from Christmas 2020 are fully bedazzled with standout cosmic moments that are just as rare as they are powerful. The planets are aligning for a show-stopping Great Conjunction, but we’ll have the grounding energy of Capricorn season and healing vibes of the December full moon on our side. Cheers to surviving the cosmic craziness!