The full flower super moon

Supermoon May 2021: the full flower moon is an eclipse and it’s bringing big changes

May’s full moon - known as the Flower Moon - is the closest a supermoon will come to the earth all year, and it’s also the year’s only total lunar eclipse. This powerful lunation will light up the skies with its brilliant light, but it also brings us a chance to grow and align ourselves on a brand new path.

Change is in the air, and no, it’s not just the easing of lockdown restrictions or the glimmers of summertime that are flashing before our eyes. There’s also a celebration-worthy full supermoon rising in the skies on 26 May that’s set to be one of the most significant lunations of the year. 

Also known as the annual flower moon, this supermoon is also an eclipse, and you won’t want to miss out on its spellbinding views or its astrological magic.

Astronomically speaking, this lunation is particularly noteworthy given that it happens to be the closest a supermoon will come to the earth in all of 2021 – and the only total lunar eclipse we’ll have all year. But the astrological significance of this full supermoon is equally fascinating. 

That’s because May’s lunar high point ushers us into the unpredictable and growth-inducing energy of spring’s eclipse season. This period is set to bring major shifts and revelations to all our lives, according to astrology.

May’s supermoon eclipse is taking place in Sagittarius, a fire sign known for its free-spirited and knowledge-seeking energy. Change happens fast during eclipse season, so this full moon asks us to keep our hearts and minds open to all the exciting possibilities that lay before us.

But first things first: let’s go over the specs of this ultra-powerful full supermoon eclipse.

What is a supermoon? 

A supermoon occurs when the moon is especially close to the earth at the time of a full moon. This nearer-than-usual proximity causes the moon to appear approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon, which makes for a dazzlingly romantic lunar moment. Astrologically, it’s believed that this phenomenon may intensify the effects of the lunation, making for an even more powerful full moon experience.

May’s full moon will be closer to the earth than any other supermoon this year, so you won’t want to miss it.

A supermoon is when the moon is closer to earth, causing it to appear approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon.

Why is it called a flower moon?

May’s full moon is known as the annual Flower Moon—a nickname which, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, can be credited to the Algonquin people of North America. This adorably floral lunar moniker makes sense, given that May marks the height of spring in the northern hemisphere, when many flowers are in full bloom. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!”

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What is an eclipse?

Eclipses take place when one celestial body enters the shadow of another celestial body. This occurs between the sun, moon, and earth a few times per year. In astrology, lunar and solar eclipses are believed to be periods of immense upheaval, during which change happens at a rapid pace and we’re realigned with our true fates.

During a lunar eclipse, such as the one taking place on 26 May, the sun and moon directly oppose each other in the zodiac and earth sits directly between them. Because the earth prevents much of the sun’s light from reaching the moon during a total lunar eclipse (depending on your vantage point), the moon temporarily appears to take on a reddish hue, which is why these are also known as blood moons.

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When will the supermoon eclipse be visible? 

May’s total lunar eclipse will be most visible from the Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas – but unfortunately, the blood-red visual effect won’t be visible in the UK. If you want to see the eclipse in action, set your alarm and catch the livestream from Time and Date.

But eclipse aside, May’s full moon is the closest supermoon we’ll have all year, so it’ll still be a phenomenal sight to see. The moon hits peak fullness in the UK on 26 May at exactly 12:14pm BST, but the best time to view it is during moonrise and moonset. (In London, this will take place just before 5am in west-southwestern part of the sky, and again at 9:30pm in the southeastern part of the sky.) Thanks to the flower moon’s supermoon status, this lunation should still look especially bright and large on the nights before and after its peak.

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How will the full supermoon eclipse in Sagittarius affect you? 

In astrology, full moons are believed to help bring matters to a climax or conclusion. As the energetic high point of the lunar cycle, they can cause heightened tensions within relationships, the illumination of truths, and intense surges of emotions.

Because this full moon takes place in the fiery and optimistic sign of Sagittarius, we might find ourselves dealing with a greater sense of wanderlust, as well as a heightened desire to seek out mind-expanding experiences, be a bit more adventurous, or expand our horizons in some way. It’s a good time to challenge your own beliefs and be open to new ways of thinking.

Because the flower moon is also an eclipse, we can guarantee that change is on the way, too. Sudden endings, new beginnings, and flash opportunities are likely under this lunation—especially as related to things like travel, higher education, spiritual pursuits, and our personal belief systems. Try to embrace Sagittarius’ adventurous and free-spirited nature as you navigate the paths that are unfolding before you.

But beware of full moon drama! This lunation is forming a tense cosmic connection with Jupiter, which is known as the planet of growth and expansion in astrology. The full moon’s thrill-seeking Sagittarius influence combined with Jupiter’s tendency to exaggerate everything it touches could trigger over-the-top emotions or excessive behaviors—so check yourself before overindulging, overreacting, or overstepping.

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Overall, this full supermoon is a beautiful time to elevate your standards, embrace inevitable changes, and set your sights on greater heights than you’d ever previously dreamt of aspiring toward. And at the very least, all astrology aside, plan to head outside on the night of 26 May so you can see the year’s closest supermoon for yourself, in all of its cosmic brilliance.

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