Aries new moon: what to expect from the first new moon of the 2022 Zodiac

Aries new moon: what to expect from the first new moon of the 2022 zodiac

Whether you consider yourself guided by the stars or still a little sceptical, you have to acknowledge astrology’s allure.

In a time that feels so uncertain and volatile, it can be a great comfort to seek clarity, meaning and guidance and escape the overwhelming news cycle, even if just for a moment.

Today, 1 April, marks an important event in the zodiac calendar – a new Aries moon that ushers in a season of power, confidence and decisiveness that many of us seem to be craving right now.

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“New moons invite in a fresh space for energy,” explains metaphysical geologist Lynae, aka Libra Moonstone, on Instagram.

A new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and is the earliest stage in the development of an intention.

“Though we tend to release as well during new moons, active manifestation is given the spotlight during this time,” Lynae shares.

So what does the Aries moon specifically mean? 

In short, expect to feel fired up and energised about starting new adventures across all areas of your life.

“While moving away from the Pisces season, we move away from blending with the universe around us and step into the passionate, assertive, sharp and strong energy of Aries,” explains Diana Sab, the astrologer behind the Voices Of The Sacred Instagram account.

“Aries’ new moon invites us to move forward with bold movements, but we will have to face the challenges of Chiron, and those of Saturn (in conjunction with Mars),” she continues.

“The fire inside you wants to burn, wants to create, wants to initiate. Don’t stop it, don’t suppress it, but release it unapologetically. Take action but don’t rush, don’t be impulsive – find the balance between force and strategy, between planning and doing, and let the fire of Aries burn so strong that all your fears turn into ashes.”

As the Aries moon is the first new moon of the astrological year, it helps to think about it like a springtime New Year’s Eve. It’s a great time to reflect, take stock of your emotions and think deeply about what you want to call in, and release, this astrological year.

As a zodiac sign, Aries is all about your sense of self and individuality, as well as your own personal fire, so don’t be surprised if you feel called towards themes of starting anew and exploring your identity

And whether you’re a “true believer” or not, it remains a nice sentiment to be taking forward for the rest of 2022.

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