Zodiac gift guide: 9 star sign-inspired gift ideas that are truly out-of-this-world

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Our edit of star sign gift ideas is so magical, you’ll struggle not to add some to your own Christmas wish list. 

Whether you’re an astrology fan or not, there’s no denying that the zodiac is the topic du jour at the moment – particularly as Mercury is in Retrograde. From what career move we should make next, to how ‘Saturn Return’ affects our growth as a person, it feels like everyone has turned to their horoscope for answers (despite the fact that, y’know, there’s no science to back up astrology whatsoever).

As well as being absolutely fascinating, though, the themes surrounding the zodiac are pretty beautiful to look at, too: think shooting stars, glittering night skies, illustrated zodiac signs and artistic depictions of our astrology alter-egos. Thanks to the rise of a trend that’s seen us all looking up to the stars more often, everything from jewellery to tech accessories have become adorned with celestial references. And we have to say, whether you’re a believer or not, they’re seriously something special.

So, if you have a friend, partner, loved one or colleague who thinks of themselves as the next Mystic Meg, have a browse through our beautiful edit of star sign gift ideas and we think you might just find them something so special that even they wouldn’t have foreseen it coming.

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  • Daria Hlazatova print

    Daria Hlazatova is an artist from Ukraine who specialises in all things celestial. We love this print of hers, which maps the constellation and highlights the star signs. 

    £52,37, Etsy

  • Rosie Wonders zodiac notebook

    These cute notebooks are perfect for scribbling your dreams down in. What’s more, we love that they’re created by independent east London designer Rosie Wonders.

    £8, Rosie Wonders

  • Danielle Kroll zodiac soap bar

    These beautiful little bars will make such a treat for somebody’s bathroom. Each one is vegetable based and features a delicious scent of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.

    Anthropologie, £7

  • Maje Virgo zodiac brass coin necklace

    Star sign gift ideas: Maje

    This stylish brass coin necklace is encrusted with Swarovski gemstones and engraved with the different zodiac signs. Perfect for your most fashionable friend. 

    £59, Selfridges 

  • Lily and Lionel Zodiac Ivory Rae dress

    Star sign gift ideas: Lily and Lionel dress

    We love that Lily and Lionel have put a pastel twist on the zodiac, which is often portrayed with midnight blues and star shine-like silvers. 

    £220, Lily and Lionel

  • GUCCI Zodiac-print oversized shirt

    Star sign gift ideas: GUCCI shirt

    Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? This silk and cotton shirt might feature the zodiac signs, but we love that part of the inspiration for the pattern came from the Persian rugs of the early 1900s.

    £700, Selfridges

  • Scorpio bullet journal

    Star sign gift ideas: bullet journal

    Just when we thought we couldn’t love the #bujo trend anymore we stumble across this range of zodiac journals, which features tiny grey dotted pages, perfect for creating a planner format that suits you. Oh, and it’s eco-friendly. 

    £5, Blank Inside

  • PopSockets star chart phone stand

    Star sign gift ideas: PopSockets

    We’ve all got a friend who, after being introduced to this handy phone holder, can’t live without it. And if they’re into star signs as well, this could be a double whammy.

    £12, Urban Oufitters

  • Adjustable sterling silver constellation ring

    Star sign gift ideas: constellation ring

    These delicate silver rings can be twisted and bent to fit you perfectly, and each one is designed to symbolise a different star sign. Why not buy one for your rising sign, too, and stack them together?

    £18, Lisa Angel 

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