20 sweet and simple hairstyles for weddings

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As a wedding guest it's always tricky to know what to wear, let alone how to style your hair. 

So, instead of you spending weeks trying to decide on what your ideal 'do should be, we've taken the pain away and come up with 20 of the ultimate looks. 

From curly bobs to flowing waves, as well as messy top knots and fishtail plaits, click through the following styles for wedding hair inspiration.

  • The chignon

    Get the look: This one is a little tricky but provided smooth your hair before and you've got dexterous hands then you can do it. Watch the tutorial for a step-by-step guide

    Best for: medium to long hair

  • The low messy french plait/ bun

    Get the look: designer Victoria Beckham has really come into her own with chic-but-easy hairstyles. This one, which she wore for the British Fashion Awards in December, is ideal for not tried too hard look. Follow this simple tutorial here.

    Best for: medium length hair

  • Braided up 'do

    Get the look: This style might seem difficult to get but actually it's not. There are a fair few steps you have to go through before you can start plaiting but it'll be worth it. To know how to do this, just follow the tutorial here.

    Best for: medium to long hair

  • Messy side plait

    Get the look: of all the styles this is probably one of the easiest to do. Take a look at the tutorial here.

    Best for: thick and long hair

  • Slicked back low ponytail

    Get the look: when you want to be a bit more sophisticated or perhaps your outfit is embellished and you don't want to be over-the-top with your hair, then this is the ideal hairstyle. Take a look at the step-by-step guide here.

    Best for: long and thick hair

  • The messy bob

    Get the look: every since Sienna Miller (pictured) went for the chop we've been obsessed with this look. It's easy but more importantly still glamorous enough for a wedding. Follow this simple guide on how to get the style here. Also, great tip on using dry shampoo instead of hairspray to keep the curls.

    Best for: short hair

  • Curly hair side-parting

    Get the look: you will need a fair amount of hairspray for this look and it's ideal to use heated curlers too but make sure you follow this tutorial and you won't go wrong, even if it takes a little practice. 

    Best for: long hair

  • Half up half down French twist

    Get the look: if you don't like to appear too 'done' then this is the style for you. Alexa Chung (pictured) is the queen of nonchalant chic so if you want to get a similar look, follow this how to video

    Best for: short and medium length hair

  • Loose waves

    Get the look: Emily Blunt not only rocks an incredible ombre (it even makes us want to revisit the trend) but she also does a great line in loose waves on the red carpet. Check out Lauren Conrad's how to for the perfect look.

    Best for: medium to long hair

  • Milkmaid braid up 'do

    Get the look: ideal for a country or boho wedding, this sweet and pretty up 'do is perfect if you're wearing a floaty maxi-dress. Blogger Zoella shows you how to get the look here.

    Best for: long hair


  • The curly bob

    Get the look: No heat is required for this. Just make sure you have straight hair from the day before and then wrap your hair around a headband. It's incredibly simple and will leave you will curls that stay put. The tutorial is right here.

    Best for: short bobs

  • Messy bun

    Get the look: the perfect bun is hard to master, so unless you want to be pulling out your hair with frustration we suggest you go for a messy top knot. Not only will it mean your rage stays in tact, you'll look miles chicer. See how to do it here.

    Best for: medium to long hair

  • Half up and half down

    Get the look: Sometimes a full-on up do makes your look too harsh but you don't want the frivolous style of hair down. This hairstyle,  rocked by Keira Knightley, is ideal for those times. A brilliant tutorial is right here.

    Best for: long and thick hair

  • Jessica Alba - sleek bob

    Get the look: this style is deceptive. You'll think it's simple but to really pull it off it takes a bit of man power. Fear not though, here's a handy step-by-step guide on how to do it.

    Best for: short to medium-short hair

  • Side parting and loos curls

    Get the look: instead of tight curls, and you want just a kink, a la J-Lo, then make sure you follow this tutorial.

    Best for: long hair

  • Fishtail plait

    Get the look: Kristen Stewart doesn't like her hair too overdone, which is why the fishtail braid is so perfect. Learn how to do this here. Note: it is a little tricky so practice a bit before the day you intend to wear it. 

    Best for: long hair

  • The slicked-back 'do

    Get the look: Ever since Kim Kardashian debuted her blonde hair in Paris, we've see an increase in the slicked-back look. January Jones (pictured) works this style well. Here's how to recreate it here

    Best for: medium to long hair

  • Beachy waves

    Get the look: If you're not blessed with naturally curly hair and want to get a similar look to Anna Kendrick (pictured) then simply follow this easy tutorial

    Best for: Medium to long hair

  • Sixties-style hair

    Get the look: Reese Witherspoon (pictured) rocked a Sixties-style look at this year's Oscars. While it wasn't too bouffant, we loved this modern twist on a throw-back hairstyle. This tutorial is idea for capturing a similar look, although it is a little 'bigger' than Reese's picture. It also requires a lot of backcombing. 

    Best for: long hair

  • The blow dry

    Get the look: The Duchess of Cambridge (pictured) is the queen (monarchy pun intended) of the ultimate blow-dried look. But, as we all know, this isn't very easy to recreate at home. That said, if you follow this brilliant tutorial, we're such you'll perfect the look in no time. 

    Best for: long and layered hair

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