2018 SAG Awards: how the updo got a new lease of life

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Daniela Morosini

Buns, chignons and ponytails sometimes feel a bit ‘meh’. So often stiff and uninspiring (and with unwanted bridesmaid connotations), ‘hair up’ is hard to make exciting. But the 2018 SAG Awards brought a bevy of clever, quirky, cool styles that have us reconsidering the updo altogether…

Beachy waves and ‘undone’ (aka took forty-five minutes, tongs, a hairdryer and four products) hair have been ruling the red carpet lately. But if the 2018 SAG Awards are anything to go by, the tide is finally turning. There was a veritable updo movement starting, with stars like Natalia Dyer and Halle Berry all sporting subversive takes on ‘hair up’.

Most of us haven’t worn an updo (other than a Monday messy bun or speedy gym ponytail) since secondary school – and why would you? No one wants to be transported back to the time of Aquanet and having to sit still for an interminably long time while a hairdressers pushes millions of bobby pins into your scalp. Well, think again – we already want to try Millie Bobby Brown’s space buns…

Millie Bobby Brown 


Millie might have been born in the Noughties, but this look is straight out of 1995. The Stranger Things actress (who has also rocked a shaved head, NBD) teamed two space buns with Converse low-tops on the red carpet and looked every bit the starlet.

Halle Berry 


There’s so many layers to this look. Halle worked a high pony up top, secured with multiple ties and wavy lengths for a textured finish, and underneath THAT, she sported an undercut at the nape of her neck. Equal parts pretty and subversive.

Natalia Dyer  


A class example of business in the front, party in the back. Natalia’s style was sleek and polished, but this was no ordinary chignon. Looped and folded onto itself, Natalia had a playful, chic twist on the classic bun.

Images: REX