4 reasons rose should be your go-to beauty ingredient for winter

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The nation’s favourite flower is so much more than just a table dressing. In fact, rose extract has the power to soothe, calm and nourish the skin through the chilliest of winter climes

November through February (okay, it’s more like October through March in the UK) is always something of a gauntlet for your skin.

There’s zero humidity, which dries the skin out, artificial heating can make your complexion feel tight and itchy, the cold air causes redness and inflammation - plus, by this point, you’re probably already about 40% mulled wine and stollen.

There’s little let up, but luckily, help is at hand. Roses are something of a skincare superhero, with the power to comfort, protect and hydrate even the most sensitive of skins naturally.

You might not think of roses as heavy-hitters, given how delicate and beautiful they are. But think about it this way: those flowers have to be absolute antioxidant powerhouses to grow in the kinds of conditions they often have to.

Here’s why you need to get rose on your radar.

1. It’s been used for centuries

Arguably the first beauty influencer, Cleopatra was a big fan of rose. 

It’s thought that she would take baths in rosewater (you can do that when you’re a queen, you see), using the petals and essential oils for a truly indulgent soak.

Royalty aside, rose has been popular in the Middle East for ages, thanks to its soothing, healing and antibacterial properties. 

It even used to be a go-to for wound healing as it’s so antimicrobial.

2. It’s super soothing and calming

Rose is especially good for reactive skin types, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

And at this time of year, that’s pretty much of all of us - even those with usually hardy complexions can start to feel uncomfortable when the mercury drops.

It’s a combination of the lack of humidity and increased dryness from central heating, mainly. 

Inflammation is responsible for a whole host of skin problems, like flare-ups of eczema and rosacea, as well as general sensitivity and redness. 

Extremes in temperature, and going from hot to cold all the time only make your inflammatory responses go into overdrive, so all the more reason to make sure you’re using some anti-inflammatory skincare.

3. It’s hydrating and protecting

Given our nation’s predilection for grey skies and single-digit temperatures, and our predilection for cranking up the central heating, it’s going to be a long winter for your skin.

One of the other benefits of rose is that the moisturising it provides isn’t just flash in the pan. 

Rose helps the skin hold moisture, as well as providing a balm to sore, chapped skin.

Rosewater is great for instant relief, while rose essential oil is the mega-moisture giver, providing a tangible and lasting smoothness. 

Meanwhile, the petals of roses are antioxidant-rich, making them brilliant at brightening the skin and providing another line of defence against pollution damage.

4. It’s easy to slot into your routine

Fresh have harnessed the power of rose through their Rose Collection, making it perfect to comfort and cocoon the skin come winter.

Try keeping the Rose Floral Toner desk-side to refresh and balance your skin throughout the day, and add the Rose Face Mask into your routine a few times a week. Made with real rose petals, the gel texture is instantly soothing and the addition of aloe vera and cucumber extract makes it a veritable drink for winter-parched complexions.

Hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, which is exactly what makes it a great sidekick to rose in Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Cream. The whipped creme texture of this beauty gives superior nourishment and is just the ticket for all skin types. 

If you can’t face anything heavy, even in winter, there’s also a lighter Rose Hydrating Gel Cream available for oilier skin types.

Don’t forget the eyes need some love, too. With a mix of rose and other natural brightening extracts, the Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream is perfect for perking up tired peepers.

For lasting suppleness, try Fresh Deep Hydration Face Serum. It’s so lightweight it absorbs instantly, but the combo of rose, Angelica leaf extract and hyaluronic acid gives you round-the-clock the protection. Use it after cleansing and toning with Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam and Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner for your smoothest, softest skin yet. 

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