4 things people with great hair do

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Ever wanted to stop someone on the street and ask how they got their hair looking so darn good? Here, we do the asking for you…

If you yearn for the kind of hair that looks like it’s been carefully illuminated from numerous angles to give off an ethereal shine, you’ll know it seems to be the beauty world’s biggest mystery.

We’ve heard all the old wives’ tales of how to get perfect tresses, but in reality the key lies with those who possess such hair.

We asked four women with great manes to spill their secrets. 

1. Get into a routine

While more than a few of us are guilty of making our hairdresser a stranger, regular maintenance is key to keeping your colour looking fresh. 

“I’m a not-natural redhead who takes a lot of pride over her hair,” says blogger Catherine Summers aka Not Dressed As Lamb.

“I have the colour done by my hairdresser every 4 weeks (and a cut every other visit) to keep it in as good condition and as bright a colour as possible. 

Because it’s coloured the ends do get very dry so I make sure I use a good conditioner to protect my colour, and I try to avoid overusing heat on my hair. 

I work from home so luckily I can let my hair dry naturally quite a lot - good job as I love my curling wand!”

2. Don’t overwash

Sometimes your social schedule is out of sync with your hair washing days, which means you find yourself lathering up your locks more than is necessary. 

To keep your colour looking fresh, try to keep over-washing at bay and make sure you use a protective shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp healthy as well as your hair. 

“Don’t wash your hair too much,” Claudia Winkleman advises.

“Twice or three times a week with Supreme Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner and you’ll actually be in love with your hair.

It feels super-clean, totally squeaky and amazingly shiny. I love it. I’d eat it if I was allowed.”

3. Beat the heat

Whether you like your hair straight, curly or somewhere in the middle, heat is a major player when it comes to styling your locks.

That means it’s important to take some steps to protect it. 

“I use heat appliances on my hair all the time, so heat protector is really important to me and I never go without it,” says fashion blogger Laura Byrnes.

4. Keep it simple

You don’t need millions of products and hours of time to have great hair, in fact sometimes the opposite is true.

“I have normal to dry hair, so I try to wash it with just shampoo and conditioner every other day, because washing every day causes my hair to get really dry,” explains model Yerim Ko.

“As soon as I wash my hair, I put coconut oil or argan oil on it while it’s still damp, and then I air dry. 

But overall, I like to keep things simple and don’t do too much to my hair.”

For great hair, try Head and Shoulders Supreme Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner, which strips your flakes, not your colour.