6 failsafe beauty tips from real women

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We’ve scoured the net for the hardest-working beauty tips out there - here’s what we found…

It’s all well and good listening to a 6ft Scandinavian supermodel talk about how if you drink lots of water you won’t need much makeup, but the best beauty tips come from other women who live like us, as far as we’re concerned.

That’s why communities like Debenhams Beauty Club Community are worth their weight in gold. The tried and tested advice and product recommendations on their forum may as well be coming from your mates (though we’d love to be mates with supermodels). 

From product recommendations to techniques people have stumbled upon, some of the tips that have stuck with us the longest are the ones we’ve found online. 

So here are some of our favourites…

1. Steam your face

One member shared “I’m loving a facial steam at the moment. Once or twice a week has helped my skin so much!” and she’s onto something. A facial steam is a great way to gentle open your pores up a little, allowing you to get your face scrupulously clean. Just finish with a splash of cold water after to tighten them up again.

2. Do the trickiest bit first

True in both life and makeup: “Do the hardest part first! Everyone has a brow that’s harder fill in and we know how hard it is to paint your nails with your other hand! The best thing I have taught myself is to do the harder one first, while you still have patience and then you have more control when you switch to the other side.” Hear hear.

3. Double cleanse

Who doesn’t want to wake up with glowing skin? “Always double cleanse at night - that’s my ride or die”.  The key is that the first cleanse is to remove your makeup, while the second removes residual dirt, grime and pollution from the skin, leaving it ultimately healthier. 

4. Fake wide-awake eyes

No sleep? No, us neither. Not since The Haunting of Hill House. But this tip from one member might save the day: “Apply some nude eyeliner in your lower waterline to make your eyes appear bigger - works every time!”

5. Don’t neglect your neck

Your skin doesn’t stop at your chin, so why should your skincare? “Always use your moisturiser on your neck!” said one member. We’ll add your serum and SPF to that, too.

6. Balm before bed

As well as one (or eight) rattling around in your handbag, here’s a reason to keep a lip balm on your night stand: “Before bed is the best time to use lip balm! You can apply it thicker and wake up with super soft lips.” Sold. 

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