6 make-up artists on how their perceptions of beauty have changed

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To shake the shackles off of being in a make-up rut, we spoke to six make-up artists about their own journey with beauty and how they find their favourite looks…

Maybe you found your signature style sometime in your adolescent years as you were learning about makeup, and you’ve stuck with it ever since.

Or maybe there’s heaps of things you’d like to try, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re just unsure of what ‘your’ look is full stop, but you’re keen to find it.

2019 is happily more full of diversity in beauty than ever before, with more talent, inclusivity and self-expression filling the industry than you can shake a red lipstick at and that means perceptions of beauty have shifted considerably. 

So we spoke to six make-up artists about their own beauty journeys and their favourite looks for now.

1. Sara Halub

Lead makeup artist at Luxe It, Sara’s international client base keeps on her toes. 

As for her 2019 beauty philosophy, Sara said she’s moving towards a more skincare-minded approach to makeup.

“I was always a fan of full cover foundations, until i hit 30 and found out that my own skin is my biggest asset.

Now I wear little coverage and lightweight textures which look like skin, and as a result looks more youthful.

I’m a huge fan of Korean Beauty and I’m much more obsessed with skincare than ever before.

I like that as an industry we’re moving away from heavier trends and working in a much more innovative way.”

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2. Justine Jenkins

Justine has most likely worked with all your favourite Brit talent names: Jodie Comer, Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore and Rose Leslie, to name a few.

She’s also a cruelty-free makeup artist and an ambassador for Burt’s Bees, who specialise in makeup for those who love colour but hate animal cruelty.

“My beauty philosophy changed when I became a cruelty free artist 8 years ago - I stopped using a lot of brands that I’d relied on for 15 years, because they were involved with animal testing.

Working with natural make up brands was a revelation. I found that the skin works beautifully with natural ingredients, so when applying these cosmetics, you can still see the skin, increase its radiance, and create a healthy, glowing canvas.

Beauty became about releasing the natural beauty within, rather than masking it.

I’m really enjoying paring back make up as much as possible, creating a softer look for clients on big red carpet nights. 

I like to keep skin fresh and glowing using a small amount of Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation

The idea of delicate colour on the cheeks appeals to me, so I create this using All Aglow Cheek and Lip Stick in shade Suez Sands. This product is gorgeous as the central core of coconut oil nourishes the skin, creating a beautiful sheen.

I take this multi-use product onto the lips without incorporating a lip liner, so that it acted more like a tinted balm. The overall look is natural and graceful.”

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3. Cher Webb

Having painted the faces of Penelope Cruz, Helen Mirren, Salma Hayek and Kim Cattrall, as well as being backstage at more Fashion Week shows than you’ve had hot dinners, Cher Webb knows a thing or two about beauty.

Her philosophy? Less is often more, but a touch of the unexpected never goes amiss.

“I’ve always been a firm believe that less is more and my style of makeup is to bring out the very best and enhance features in a complimentary and natural way. 

Let freckles show though, the more skin you can see the better and only cover areas of concern rather than mask the whole face with a full cover base.

I do love to replace classic shades with something different to give a timeless look a more modern twist. For example, instead of opting for a classic red lipstick go for a rich oxblood or deep crimson shade.

There’s also something really exciting about mixing up the textures to keep a look more current. Try adding a gloss to the eye instead of applying a medley of blended eyeshadows.

My current favourite look is monochromatic beauty, so the same family of hues for the eyes, lips and cheeks.” 

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4. Celia Burton

London-based Celia Burton is an editorial favourite, with a bevy of fashion credits to her name, as well as famous faces like Adwoa Aboah.

She told us that she’s often inspired by different eras and colours when it comes to beauty.

“My approach to beauty has remained pretty much the same throughout my career so far - I’ve always been focused on comfort in one’s skin and the celebration of our individuality as women, but more importantly as human beings.

What I am particularly enjoying at the moment though, is the rediscovery of colour in makeup.

For years I was asked to do a very natural look on set; a no makeup-makeup. And now, while still using the same approach to the skin (keeping it clean and reflective), I am being encouraged to play with blues and greens, pink and peach lipsticks and tangerine lipglosses.’

There is a new found openness to bold hues that is definitely reminiscent of the 70’s & 80’s but with the modern twist of a Cool Girl’s complexion. It’s fun, I’m into it.”

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5. Charlotte Hayward

Charlotte’s client list reads like a who’s who of Tinseltown’s finest; Kate Hudson, Emma Watson, Alicia Keys, Elisabeth Moss…

Her beauty manifesto? Do makeup for your eye - not your front camera.

“Instagram has, I think, been a big influence in changing everyone’s idea of beauty. It pulls you in and I love it, but I always come back to the fact that for me, makeup must look good to the eye as well as in a photo.

That is what really drives me when I make people up. My idea of beauty has always been seeing the skin and the persons character along with the makeup, it’s not just all about the makeup.

I find makeup fun and so I like to be playful with it if I can.

My current favourite looks are to play around with smokey eyeshadows to enhance the eye colour and lipsticks that are full of pigment and have a sheen to them rather than a matte look.”

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6. Riona O’Sullivan

Riona O’Sullivan has clocked up so many backstage miles and magazine spreads, she’s basically fashion royalty. 

An artist in every sense of the word (check out her paintings!), Riona said the best makeup is worn with a little attitude.

“My idea on beauty and makeup has changed a lot over time. Beauty for me now, is just having a personality or character, and feeling yourself, whether you’re wearing none, or ever ‘too much’ makeup.

If someone feels good in badly applied makeup, so be it, leave them be! A confident old woman wearing a wonky blue eyeliner is more beautiful than a perfectly precise, liquid liner on an insecure teenager.”

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