5 reasons you need to switch up your skincare in autumn

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Here’s why autumn chills mean it’s time to swap around your skincare as well as your wardrobe…

Autumn is the most divisive season.

If you’re in the ‘love it’ camp, you’ll be looking forward to cosy nights in, breaking out the winter wardrobe and being able to step outside without instantly breaking into a sweat.

If you’re in the ‘hate it’ camp, you’ll be dreading cold hands, dark nights and bare trees. However there’s one thing that unites us all - the need to switch up your skincare. Here’s why…

  • 1. You can be braver

    After a warm summer your face has likely been subjected to sweaty days in the park, oily suncream and slept-in make-up after a few aperols. 

    The vanishing of the sun doesn’t have to be too bleak though, and can be treated as an opportunity to undo some of the summer damage and get your skin used to super ingredients like retinol. 

    Retinol is great for plumping and smoothing skin, but also makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun. 

    Autumn is no exception, and retinol should always be followed up with a good SPF, but the colder months are a good opportunity to introduce retinol to your skincare routine without worrying about stepping into the blazing summer sun. 

    If you haven’t used retinol before, start by mixing a couple of drops of a formula like Paula’s Choice’s Retinol Booster into your nighttime moisturiser twice a week.

  • 2. Central heating takes its toll

    When you’ve ventured into the cold, there’s nothing better than the warm embrace of central heating. 

    Your skin, on the other hand, will beg to differ. 

    Central heating is notoriously drying on the skin as it essentially sucks the moisture out of the air, which can also lead to increased sensitivity. 

    The fix? Lock in moisture from the moment you wake up with an oil-based shower gel like Sanctuary Spa’s 2 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Oil

    The relaxing smell will give you an endorphins boost on a dark morning while the nourishing combination of gold of pleasure oil and omega 3, 6 and 9 transforms from an indulgent, honey-like oil to a hydrating foam that staves off dryness for two days. 

  • 3. It's not as easy to glow up

    As you enter colder climes you may notice your skin starts to lose the glow it was rocking during the summer months - just thank the bracing British weather. 

    To make sure your complexion stays dewy and not thirsty-looking, introduce a hyaluronic acid serum like Skinceuticals H.A. Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier into your skincare routine. 

    Hyaluronic acid is the most hydrating ingredient for your face, and can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, which means great things for your skin. 

    Just apply it before your moisturiser twice a day and let it fight the cold for you.    

  • 4. Cold winds aren't your friend

    The crisp autumn air means bundling yourself into as many layers as possible and never being more than two metres away from a hot chocolate.

    When it comes to your skin, it means your protective barrier being stripped away and quickly becoming dry, sensitive and uncomfortable. 

    To keep your skin’s protective barrier hydrated, indulge in a creamy body butter with must-have winter skin ingredients like strengthening shea and cocoa oils.

    Sanctuary Spa’s Ultra Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is packed full of them. 

    Make sure you’re applying it fresh out the bath or shower (we’re talking while you’re still wet) to lock in moisture straight away.

    The non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into your skin and there’s the added benefit of not having to leave the warmth of the bathroom to moisturise.

  • 5. Exfoliation becomes key

    Autumn isn’t just the season of dead trees and retired dreams of beach holidays.

    As it happens, when it comes to your skin your cells are pretty dead as well. 

    It’s all thanks to the bracing cold and icy winds, which can cause a build up of dead skin cells and leave your skin looking dull. 

    Sloughing away dead cells will also help your skin to absorb all-important moisturiser more easily throughout autumn as well as aiding blood circulation. 

    Treat yourself to the full spa experience at home and run a warm bath. 

    Next, scoop out some Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub and rub it into your skin in circular motions. 

    The dead sea salt purifies skin pores and gently exfoliates skin while wheatgerm oil supports skin health and natural anti-inflammatory sweet almond oil helps prevent moisture loss.

Make sure you’re giving your skin the nourishment it needs this autumn with Sanctuary Spa’s oil range.