9 genius travel beauty products for your next holiday

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Ava Welsing-Kitcher
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Stow these liquid-free products in your carry-on to free up valuable space in your airport-issue plastic bag

Wherever you’re travelling to, there’s no need to faff around with those little clear plastic bags at airport security this Bank Holiday. 

From perfume to sunscreen, take your pick of the most savvy liquid-free beauty products out there right now. 

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

With 18 shades and handy stick packaging, Makeup Revolution’s foundation works to fully cover and conceal even the most obvious of blemishes, all for around the price of a Pret salad box. Pack one a shade lighter and another a shade darker for a complete highlight and contour kit.


Glossier Perfume Solid

This beloved scent from Glossier also comes in solid form, encased in a handy pebble compact that fits snugly between palm and thumb. Swivel it open, swirl a finger around and swipe it anywhere. The notes of iris and musk make for a subtle scent that’s equal parts warming, creamy and salty.


L’Occitane Citrus Verbena Deodorant Stick

Aside from the divinely fresh scent of lemon and verbena, L’Occitane’s solid deodorant is also free from alcohol, parabens and aluminium, which can dry out and darken the underarm skin over time. It’s not actually an antiperspirant, though, so make sure to top up throughout the day to keep odours at bay. 


Lush Shampoo Bar In Seanik 

This macaron-sized solid shampoo works just as well as its liquid counterparts – simply add water. Lather it up between your hands and massage the suds into your roots (and enjoy the heavenly jasmine and orange fragrance). The seaweed, sea salt and lemon also help breathe life into limp and fine hair.


Vichy Ideal Soleil Stick SPF 50+ 

Designed specially for sensitive areas of skin, Vichy’s SPF stick works for both face and body. The wide-spectrum filter system works to block UVB and UVA rays, while its ultra-light and colourless formula allows it to sit unnoticed under make-up. Now there’s really no excuse not to use sun protection.


Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Soap Bar

This vegan soap bar replaces your cleanser and shower gel. French pink clay washes away impurities and encourages cell renewal, while geranium and blood-orange oils calm inflammation and help detoxify the skin. Keep bacteria at bay by allowing the bar to dry between uses.


By Terry Lip Powder Essence in Red Carpet 

By Terry’s innovative powder formula is some kind of cosmetic sorcery. Each grain of pigment encapsulates a microbead of water, which bursts upon impact when applied. The result? A weightless, petal-like matte finish, halfway between a lip stain and a liquid lipstick, that lasts well past lunchtime.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula 

This solid cocoa butter works to nourish your skin while also tackling myriad other issues. It’s the ultimate body moisturiser that gives an A1 glow to skin, as well as soothing after-sun exposure with its vitamin E-enriched formula. Its melting point is around 34°C, so keep it in the fridge before your return flight if you’re travelling to tropical climes.


France Prescott Tri-Balm 

This triple-action facial balm works as a make-up remover, exfoliator and moisture mask, freeing up serious space in your hand luggage. It’s basically genius – a few swipes over a dry face melts everything away while pumpkin enzymes brighten the skin. Leave it on for an entire flight as an intensive moisture mask.


Images: Unsplash / Courtesy of Brands