5 women on their biggest beauty blunders

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Everyone has a few beauty skeletons in their cupboard they’d rather not confess…

Before discovering the art of proper skincare, navigating the beauty world was mostly trying lots of different things out and seeing what stuck for the majority of us.

That means there are plenty of cases where things have gone spectacularly wrong, from skincare to make-up.

We asked five women to share their most memorable mishap.

  • 1. Eyebrow inventions

    “Back when eyebrow products were still in their infancy (I’m talking pencil or nothing) I decided to get inventive with my sparse eyebrows. 

    “Some kind of faltered logic led me to a brown felt tip pen. 

    “Let’s just say it didn’t give me the eyebrows I was so desiring and it’s still one of my mum’s favourite anecdotes to tell around the dinner table.”

    Charlotte, London

  • 2. Harsh blackhead scrubbing

    “I went through a phase of being obsessed with blackhead removal. 

    “Sounds strange but I’d spend ages watching those videos of people getting them removed. I found it oddly satisfying.

    “Needless to say this extended into my own beauty routine and I’d frequently use those nose strips that claimed to tear out your blackheads.

    “Instead of leaving me with flawless skin I was left with really bad pores and sensitive skin.

    “These days I don’t stray from my much gentler Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Strip to Scrub. Science over scouring, always.”

    Stephanie, Cardiff

  • 3. Setting spray mishap

    “I used to value make-up over skincare, which meant piling lots of it on with no concern but to get it to stay there for as long as possible. 

    “Before a particularly big night out I’d spent ages on my make-up (mousse foundation and lashings of mascara, obviously) and wanted to be sure it would last the night. 

    “I ended up using my hairspray as setting spray and spritzing it over my face with no regard for my skin. 

    “I’m ashamed to say this wasn’t a one-off and I did this for a few months before realising it was destroying my skin.”

    Laura, Leicester

  • 4. Vanishing fake tan

    “When I used to be a rigorous fake tanner I would layer up on a weekly basis. 

    “One particular fake tan application coincided with my decision to switch from shaving to hair removal cream on my legs. 

    “It didn’t cross my mind it was probably wasn’t best to try something new hours before a date. 

    “Long story short the hair removal cream ended up stripping all the tan off my legs. 

    “I turned up to my date looking decidedly two-tone.”

    Isabella, Glasgow

  • 5. Toothpaste flare-up

    “The oldest spot trick in the book is the toothpaste one. 

    “I decided to put this to the test one day and added a healthy dollop to a stubborn spot. 

    “It didn’t work and instead just irritated my sensitive skin and I was left with a sore, minty face.”

    Alice, Manchester

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