Beauty superheroes: introducing 2016's most heroic and ingenious products

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With great beauty comes great responsibility. From a pollution-busting moisturiser to a featherlight hair oil, meet the new beauty innovations.


Words: Fiona Embleton
Photography: Dennis Pedersen
Set designer: Tom Ashton-Booth

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  • Juicy Shaker, £18, Lancôme

    Nineties teens loved the shine of a Juicy Tubes lip gloss (even if it stuck to hair whenever the wind blew). Mercifully, the high-tech successor of Juicy Tubes is set to land. It combines vibrant pigments suspended in an oil base with Korean ‘shaker’ technology. At first glance it looks like the swirls you get in water after dipping in a paintbrush. Once shaken though, the formula diffuses, letting you dab on colour with the felt tip-like applicator for a stained effect or sweep it on for a more precise application, all without sticky residue. Heroic. 
    On sale 2 March

  • Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara, £11.99, Max Factor

    This groundbreaking mascara could mean your eyelash curler’s days are numbered. Alongside long plastic bristles, the brush has alternating fins – next- generation technology by mascara standards. These grip onto lashes at the root where they are widest and lift them up, making the base of the lash five times thicker than normal. And if you usually need at least three coats of mascara to get fat lashes, fear not, this formula is full of tiny lash-plumping beads, creating volume with just one swoosh. 
    On sale 1 March 

  • Foundation Brush, £9.99, Revlon

    What do cars and make-up brushes have in common? Clever engineering. Bringing their experience of ergonomics in the motor industry to Revlon’s new brushes, BMW has designed diamond-shaped weighted handles to ensure they balance perfectly between the thumb and forefinger for the most precise grip. The metal ferrules that traditionally attach the brush head have also been hidden inside so no germs or make-up can get wedged along the rim. Clever stuff.
    On sale 1 April

  • Beauty-FULL Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, £4.99, TRESemmé

    First there was co-washing (ditching shampoo and just using conditioner), now 2016’s hottest hair trend is reverse washing: conditioning your hair before you shampoo it. Why? To give it more volume. Doing it this way around lets you wash out sticky residue from your conditioner that can weigh strands down. TRESemmé is the first brand to bring the trend to the high street with a formula rich in polishing actives that bind to the hair fibre, locking in smoothness for a just-had-a-blow-dry finish. 
    On sale now,

  • Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Mist, £36.50, Kérastase

    If you’re one of the eight million UK women who suffer from fine, thinning strands, you probably avoid hair oil. But what if you could get the same nourishing benefits without turning into a human chip fryer? Enter this hair oil in a feather-light spray. The first of its kind for fine hair, its genius lies in the inclusion of  a molecule called Intra-cylane. When applied to the hair it transforms into a soft, flexible coating that helps to expand the thickness of wispy strands. It’s an approach to volume that works – it’s like filler for your hair.
    On sale now,

  • Multi-Active Day Cream, £42, Clarins

    The most effective moisturisers are like tequila shots – they hit hard and you still feel the effects the next morning. Enter this Clarins day cream, a bestseller for a quarter of a century, which has been revamped to improve the way its key ingredient – an antioxidant-rich teasel plant extract – penetrates the skin. The extract is now placed into tiny spheres that get right down to the collagen fibres before being released to protect cells under attack from pollution and UV rays. It boosts effectiveness by a whopping 40%.
    On sale now,

  • Maestro Glow Bi-Phase Elixir SPF30, £40, Giorgio Armani

    If you think ‘Aerogel’ sounds like something Luke Skywalker might use, you wouldn’t be far wrong. It’s a porous, pumice-like substance that Nasa astronauts use to collect stardust. Inspired by its absorption properties, Armani’s new foundation mops up four times its weight in oil so there’s absolutely zero greasy residue on the skin’s surface. It avoids the pitfalls of some mattifying foundations, though, as the powder remains completely transparent so there’s no chalkiness and it’s ever so slightly dewy – in a good way.
    On sale now,

  • Anew Clinical Advanced Resurfacing Peel Multi-Acid 5 Complex with 10% Glycolic Acid, £15 for 30 pads, Avon

    Acid is no longer the scariest word in our beauty vocabulary. These peel pads contain five different acids at a lower dose – rather than one acid at a higher concentration – to gently slough away skin. Expect the usual suspects (glycolic, salicylic and hyaluronic), but also the new radiance-boosting oxa acid, plus thiodipropionic acid, which is more effective than vitamin C at nixing pigmentation. It leaves the fresh glow you’d get after a soak in the bath.
    On sale 3 March

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