5 wellness techniques that will transform your beauty routine

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From skincare solutions to great gut health, these are the wellness tips you can expect to make a tangible difference to the effectiveness of your routine…

While we’re all in favour of keeping bathroom cabinets and make-up bags well stocked, top-notch beauty products will only take you so far.

No, if you want a truly holistic regime, it’s time to dip a toe into the world of wellness.

Now even a light spot of internet browsing will reveal that the array of tips and tricks posing under the wellness banner is… extensive.

So to help you filter out the more unhelpful intel, we spoke to the experts to sort the wheat from the chaff.

From hero herbs to better breathing, here are the wellness techniques you need to introduce into your day to day…

  • 1. Breathe better

    It might sound wild, but the way you’re breathing can have a massive impact on how your skin looks.

    When you’re stressed out, your breathing tends to grow shallower which limits the amount of oxygen you take into your body.

    That in turn restricts blood flow and toxin removal, which basically leaves your skin feeling dull and tired.

    To counter this, the UK Spa Association recommends trying the box breathing method.

    Breathe in through your nose while counting to four slowly, feeling the air enter your lungs, and then hold that breath for four seconds.

    Then exhale for four seconds and repeat the process for four minutes.

    Doing that a few times per day will top you up with some much-needed oxygen, while also helping you relax as a bonus.

  • 2. Supplement your diet

    If you genuinely can’t fit any more stages into your morning routine, taking a supplement is a quick and easy way to strengthen your beauty game.

    “Supplementation is the non-beauty skincare tip that really works,” says beauty expert Alison Young.

    “It’s really tricky to properly consume and absorb the correct balance of vitamins and minerals, which is why supplements can make life a lot easier.”

    With that in mind, the Beauty Complex from Nature’s Bounty ticks a lot of beauty boxes.

    With vitamin C for radiant skin, biotin for glossy hair and zinc and selenium to keep your nails on point, all you need to do is take three per day for an easy beauty boost. 

  • 3. Experiment with frankincense

    To be honest, we weren’t too sure what it actually is either, but it turns out that this festive plant essence isn’t just for Christmas.

    “Frankincense is fantastic for your skin,” says medical herbalist Pamela Spence.

    “It’s strongly anti-oxidant and contains alpha-pinene – a well known anti-inflammatory component.”

    “Plus, its natural astringent properties balance oil production while also tightening the skin.”

    Add a few drops of frankincense essential oil to your favourite face cream to give it an extra boost.

  • 4. Get a shower filter

    Sorry to be bearers of bad news, but that lovely relaxing shower you’ve been looking forward to? It might not be very friendly to your hair and skin.

    Hard water is packed full of minerals, constant exposure to which can contribute to dry, sensitive skin and split ends.

    With that in mind, installing a shower filter is an effective way of siphoning off all those impurities, with this model from Klean promising to remove 98% of chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria from the water before they hit your skin.

    It might seem like an extravagance, but if you’re splashing out on high-end shower products, it’d be a shame to undo all your pampering with potentially harmful water.

  • 5. Go with your gut

    If you’re struggling with problem skin, you might find that the problem lies within your gut.

    “If you want to achieve clear, glowing, radiant skin, the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish that is to improve your gut health,” agrees nutritional advisor Shann Nix Jones.

    Now you’ve probably already heard of probiotics, the friendly bacteria that help to keep your gut in peak condition, but you might not have realised that prebiotics are just as important.

    Basically, it’s no good mainlining yoghurts all week without giving those bacteria the fibrous fuel they need to do their job.

    “If you imagine that probiotics like kefir put the fish in the fish tank, then prebiotics feed the fish,” explains Jones.

    Chicory root, leeks, asparagus, barley… all great sources of prebiotics, so introduce as many into your diet as possible to see the best results.

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