Benefit's new eyebrow pen promises to mimic microblading – but does it work?

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Allured by the promise of speedier application, Stylist’s beauty director swaps her favourite brow pen for Benefits’ latest creation: the Brow Microfilling Pen. But how does it compare?

I’m rather particular when it comes to brow products. In fact, I’m so obsessed with this pen and gloss duo, that for the past 10 months, I’ve used nothing else to fill in and plump up my particularly sparse brows.

The only downside to this tried-and-tested routine? It takes so bloody long. Well, it takes two minutes. But considering I like to spend no longer than five minutes on a full face of make-up, two minutes does seem like a fairly substantial amount of time. And that’s why I couldn’t help but be tempted into trying something new when I saw Benefit’s new Brow Microfilling Pen, £22.50, a microblading-style felt tip pen.


Why did I think this could speed up the process? Well, unlike traditional eyebrow pencils and pens, its tip has three tiny prongs, meaning every swipe draws on three ‘hairs’. Not only could that make things a lot quicker, but in theory, it could make my brow application a lot neater, too. Plus, it reckons it can last for a full 24 hours.

So, I put it to the test.

Like I always do, I blotted my brow area with tissue before I started: a vital step as these inky, felt-tip formulas tend to slide right off SPF-coated brows. I then brushed the hairs upwards with a spoolie to try and reveal some semblance of an arch. After eight months of no threading, that was easier said than done. Here’s the ‘before’: 


Holding the pen perpendicular to my face, I started to fill in the gaps by lightly swiping the pen upwards through the brows. The three prongs seem to comb the hairs as you draw, too, filling in the spaces between hairs to make each brow look fuller and fluffier. It also made drawing the tail end of the brow (where I have even less hair) much easier too. I usually carefully and painstakingly draw on each tiny hair, but with this pen, three swipes and the brow’s complete.

The ink itself is a lot more translucent than the Glossier pen I usually use, which I actually rather like, as it leaves a rather natural-looking finish. And I should add, I went for a lighter shade than I usually use (there’s four, I used Light Brown) as after months of wearing no make-up, I’m rather into a more pared-back approach.

Here’s the ‘after’ on just one brow:


I have to say, I’m actually really into it. My brow looks a little more shapely than it does in reality, yet you can still see the individual hairs which gives it that fluffy appearance I’m after.

The real test, however, is whether I can match the left brow to the right one. Here’s the ‘after’ on both brows:


Not too bad for my first try, if I can say so myself. In fact, I’m really impressed with the results. I’m not sure I’d claim my brows look as though they’ve been microbladed, but they definitely look fuller and healthier. 

And as for the 24 hour claim? Well, who actually ever leaves their make-up on for a full 24 hours? I don’t. But what I will say is this: they lasted through the sweatiest heatwave day in my clammy flat, and that’s good enough for me.

Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen, £22.50


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Images: Shannon Peter / Benefit Cosmetics.

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