These are the best floral scents to wear all autumn long

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Lucy Partington

This season’s new scents are as intoxicating as a flower filled meadow. Added frolicking optional.

It’s no secret that floral scents are usually saved for the summer months, but this season things are a bit different. 

Instead of opting for warmer, more comforting notes, fragrance houses are instead going against the grain and are opting for something a little brighter, a little happier. In fact, autumn’s best scents are going so far in the opposite direction that they smell just as beautiful as a field jam packed with flowers. 

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So, in celebration - and for Stylist’s bi-annual fashion issue - we decided to create crop circles out of the bottles. Obviously. Keep scrolling to discover your new favourite perfume.

  • Lavender daze


    As visceral as stepping into the French lavender fields of Jacquemus’ 10th anniversary show, this is a heady combination of distinctive lavender, zesty lemon and spicy bergamot. An unexpected twist of cardamom over amber and Indian sandalwood add weight to make it last all day.

    Acqua di Parma Sandalo EDP, £197 for 100ml

  • Tulip fever


    Designed to reflect the light in the same way diamonds do, Cartier’s elegant bottle is as striking as this blanket of red perennials. The signature tulip is blended with six fresh blossom notes including hyacinth, daffodil and violet that create a pure, white floral scent.

    Cartier Carat Sparkling EDP, £75 for 50ml, available from October

  • Tuberose reinvented


    In the beauty world, Chanel’s flower fields in Grasse are almost as iconic as the scents themselves. In this update of the original 2017 fragrance, the opulent star-shaped tuberose – with its heady, honeyed aroma – takes centre stage. Balanced with jasmine and ylang-ylang, a hint of red berries makes way for a floral, musky dry-down.

    Chanel Gabrielle Essence EDP, £86 for 50ml

  • Rose-tinted


    Intense by name and nature, one spray captures the essence of what we imagine it would feel like to stride through a giant field of pink roses in full bloom. With an added note of neroli, plus tonka and vanilla for hints of warmth, this is an instant hit of happiness.

    Dior Joy Intense EDP, £83 for 50ml

  • best-floral-fragrances-paco-rabanne

    As vivid as this meadow, Crazy Me is a high-impact olfactory delight. Sweet, warm, powdery mimosa is juxtaposed with wasabi, which smells as sharp as it tastes. Gently rounded off with blackcurrant and creamy sandalwood, this fragrance gives off hazy, carefree summer vibes. 

    Paco Rabanne Crazy Me EDP, £65 for 62ml

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