Best autumn perfumes 2020: these are the fragrances the Stylist beauty team can’t stop spritzing

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From a floral scent that isn’t overpowering to a perfume created to capture the relaxation of a bubble bath, here’s the Stylist beauty teams scented picks.

As the days get darker and colder, it’s only natural that you might want to switch up your zesty summer perfume in favour of something more comforting.

With notes like amber, tonka, tuberose and tobacco, there’s a long list of new scents hitting the high street that are as heartwarming as a pair of White Company socks.

Here’s our picks of the best day and night autumnal perfumes to buy now.

Shannon Peter, beauty director

  • Favourite daytime autumn perfume: Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue


    “Love Osmanthus is way fruitier than the kind of fragrances I usually go for; tart lemon and the peachy, creamy notes of the osmanthus flower lend the initial spritz a certain kind of juicy freshness. But give it a minute and weightier cedarwood starts to pull through, giving the scent a weighty, woody depth that I just can’t. Stop. Sniffing.”

    Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus Cologne Absolue, £55 for 30ml

  • Favourite evening autumn perfume: Giorgio Armani My Way Refillable


    “With vanilla, cedarwood and white musks, the comforting and cosseting base of Giorgio Armani’s new scent is like the olfactory equivalent of a cashmere jumper. But there’s also tuberose, jasmine, bergamot and orange blossom in there for a dash of floral freshness, making it perfect for the segue into autumn. And even better still, the bottle is both refillable and recyclable.”

    Giorgio Armani My Way Refillable, £76 for 50ml

Lucy Partington, beauty editor

  • Favourite daytime autumn perfume: Maison Margiela Bubble Bath EDT


    “This is a bit different to my usual choice of fragrance; mostly because it’s got tuberose in it which is an ingredient that I notoriously hate. Here, though, it’s been combined with jasmine and freesia which are lighter floral notes that help offset the heavier, headiness that tuberose is known for. Add in a subtle, earthy base and you’ve got a match made in heaven – and a scent that is guaranteed to make people ask what you’re wearing.”

    Maison Margiela Bubble Bath EDT, £98 for 100ml

  • Favourite evening autumn perfume: Vilhelm Parfumerie Chicago High


    “In stark contrast to Bubble Bath, Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Chicago High is a tribute to the roaring twenties. Think tobacco, honey, leather – everything you imagine a speakeasy would be and that’s what you’ve got. It’s a ‘notice me’ type of evening scent that lingers so beautifully; it’s definitely got a slightly rebellious, dirty masculine edge but that’s part of the reason I love it so much.”

    Vilhelm Parfumerie Chicago High, £120 for 50ml

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer

  • Favourite daytime autumn perfume: Aerin Ambrette de Noir parfum


    Floral without being overtly feminine, this Aerin scent has rose petal and freesia top notes with white peony, orange flower and jasmine petals at the heart. But it’s the finishing base notes that give it a real kick and some warmth. Aerin has co-distilled ambrette seed with tonka absolute for a musky finish, which is fused with vanilla bourbon and cedarwood. One sniff and you’ll be hooked.”

    Aerin Ambrette de Noir parfum, £150 for 50ml

  • Favourite evening autumn perfume: YSL Libre Intense eau de parfum


    “A heavier level up from its bestselling Libre eau de parfum, YSL’s Libre Intense is a gorgeous blend of scents from around the world. It combines soothing lavender from France with orange blossom from Morocco along with tangerine, bergamot and jasmine sambac. The contrasting notes are creamy and smoky without being too overpowering. Once it settles on your skin, base notes of tonka bean, vanilla, amber gris and vetiver will shine through for a woody finish.”

    YSL Libre Intense eau de parfum, £48 for 30ml

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